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Some problems with XMS DDR @ 200 Mhz


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Hello !


I have 2 Corsair memory module of 512 Mo. This is DDR1 XMS CL2 at 200Mhz (PC3200).


But with a Barton 3200+ with FSB at 200Mhz I have some strange bug. For example if the FSB is 200Mhz memtest refuse to start and test the memory. But if I downgrade FSB at 133 memtest works (memtest 1.70).


At 200Mhz Windows XP hang with error 0x000007. Linux Ubuntu boot, but after few minute the screen is full of glitchs and system hang.


If these memory modules is certified to work at 200Mhz, why mines does not works ? Other odd thing whit CPU-Z the CAS latency at 200Mhz is report at 3, but these module is certified at 2 !


My motherbord support FSB 200 (A7n8x-e Deluxe).


Some idea ?


Thank ;):

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  • Corsair Employee
Make sure you have the memory voltage manually set to 2.75 volts and then test the memory one at a time in the slot closest to the CPU. If both modules give you identical issues there may be some other problem, however if one of the modules still refuses to work, and the other one has no issues, then you may have a faulty module, and we would want to get the pair replaced for you.
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