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Looks like i have some faulty memory


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I've been having intermitant problems with my pc which i'd originally put down to software.


I ran memtest on my dimms last night and received a load of errors,

Memtest ran an additional couple of times this morning with the same results.


The memory modules came as a pair.

Type : cm2x2048-6400c4dhx (2x cm2x1024-6400c4dhx)


I've just removed one of them, reseated the other and ran memmtest again with just the one stick installed.. which returned errors.

Got the other one in now testing.


Timings set manually in bios are


4 4 4 12 2.1v

Command rate 2n

Transaction booster disabled, relax level 0.

Static read control disabled.

Memory freq - 800mhz(400*2).



Motherboard is an Asus p5k-e wifi ap with an intel q6600 cpu.

Psu - corsair hx620w.


Memtest errors occured in test 8 whilst in dual channel mode and in test 1 with just the one stick installed.


Temps on the cpu if relevant (vary with the central heating) but are generally between 19-23 idle and about 38-45 under full load, tested with coretemp + speedfan(calibrated).


MB temps dont rise much above 30.


The sticks are only about 2 months old, bought new.

I had them installed in an ip35 abit dark raider originally which suffered from issues too.


Any ideas if the second memory stick comes up with memtest errors?

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The second memory module just failed at test 8 of the second pass of memtest, in the same slot as the first memory module was tested in.hmm


Noticed that transaction booster was actually set on automatic so have disabled it and set the relax level to 1.


Any ideas what this should be set to? I'm aware that the perforamnce level it changes, decreases latencies fairly drastically and usually requires more vdimm and nbv.. maybe this is a problem?


Just put the same stick of memory into another slot and am now retesting with the same settings as in first post.


Bios revision is 1004.


Any ideas if the asus p5ke wifi ap undervolts the dimms/nb ? and needs to be compensated for?


I just set the nb v manually to 1.25v and the cpu to 1.2v just in case.



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The memory module just failed at test 8 on pass 1.hmm.


I've been running memtest mt200.exe from a usb thumb drive since my sata dvdr wouldnt let me boot to a cd version of memtest, (a bug with the onboard controller apparantly)


Just read about the issues with a portion of memory that the controller uses for drivers and its related error possibilities so just borrowed a pata dvdr drive and will test again with both sticks.


Could anyone tell me if this bug is associated with the p5ke wifi ap edtion motherboard?

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The bios sets the following latencies/timings for the memory installed:-

trrD (ras to ras delay) 3

tRFC(ref cycle time) 42

tWR (write recovery time) 6

twTR (write to read delay) 3

tRTP (read to pre time) 3


Regardless of which memory slots the modules are in.


Do any of these seem a little tight?


I'm at a loss.


Errors with both sticks in dual and single channel mode at 4 4 4 12 2.1v

so am testing now at 1.8v 5 5 5 18


This is bl@@@dy frustrating.. It's a shame i havent a spare ddr2 motherboard or some alternative ddr2 sticks.

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