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Odd bunch of cables included with HX-520


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Hi, I purchased an HX-520 yesterday after finding out my old Truepower 380w wasn't gonna cut it with my new E8400/8800GT setup. The PSU works fine, it's a great unit, but I'm a bit puzzled as to the cables that were included in the box.


I received:

1 x Dual 4-pin

3 x PCI-E

2 x Single SATA

1 x Dual SATA

2 x 4-pin -> dual floppy

2 x 4-pin -> dual fan


If i'm understanding the manual correctly, i should've received:

2 x Triple 4-pin

1 x Dual 4-pin

2 x PCI-E

2 x Dual SATA

1 x 4-pin -> dual floppy

1 x 4-pin -> dual fan


I ended up having to dig out an old 4-pin extension cable to hook up my old IDE optical and hdd, e-sata bracket, and the case lights.


Is there any way I can get the right cables sent out? I really don't need to hook up 4 floppy drives or 3 graphics cards, but I'd like some of those 4-pin and dual-sata cables!

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THanks man. Furiousgibbon. With your posting in what cables you needed and didn't get, made me realize that i was missing one and found it. You rock. I was trying to find a way of connecting my 4 fans in my Antec 900 case and realized the cable i needed was missing. Thanks a billion. Cheers JC
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