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RAM overheating?


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I was having some problems with the system being very unstable, and i was getting bsod's left and right. I checked bios and switched the "auto" settings with the timing and volt settings to the ones i found on corsairs website (5-5-5-15-2t, 1.8v). I could not set the volt to 1.8 though, since the option simply wasn't there, so i set it to 1.9+.


Now the stability is greatly improved, but it will freeze from time to time without bsod's. Also i noticed on Asus PC Probe, while running a CPU Stability test, that the ram would get a couple of degrees hotter than the default threshold (45). It seems like the ram temperature is stable, but my concern is that when in a warmer environment the ram will cook, especially since this happened while i had both sidepanels off the cabinet :(


I don't know the critical temperature of ram, but is there reason to be worried or should i chuck PC probe away and relax?


I know the ram i selected might be a little bottleneck on my system, but i was on a budget so i have to upgrade that later :)

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Hotfix installed, no improvement :(


The freezing seems completely random, it can happen during login or in the middle of a game.


I've tried two psu's, one Mist and a NorthQ. Both 500w.


Could it be that 500w PSU is not sufficient?


5 harddrives, two of them SATA.


1 Sunbeam Chromatic Windmill (fan ctrl/temp sensor)

1 PCI-E display

3 120mm fans

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  • Corsair Employee
I would suggest trying another PSU just to test with maybe a friend can help you. And what is the make and model of your PSU. Wired sometimes the make of the PSU is more important than the rated out put if you know what I mean. IE I have 2 500 Watt PSU's at home in my garage that will barely do 300 watts so I never used them.
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I think both Mist and NorthQ are pretty decent PSU's. At least Mist is.


I've been observing the behaviour, and it seems that "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" bsod's are most frequent. I'm not able to reproduce the problem as it's appearing totally random. Does this tell you anything?


I have tried removing one of the sticks but with no improvement.


I ran memtest86+ and from what i could understand it didnt find any errors until i probed for ram size then the whole screen got garbled like a good'ol dos crash (this was with all 4 sticks installed) :)


I have reset the bios, and reinstalled windows, but no go.


I will try running just one stick at a time tomorrow.

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  • Corsair Employee

As far as I know there are only about a dozen PSU manufacturers and neither of those are manufacturers. But I have not heard of them before so just quoting what I know. They might not be available here in the USA.


For sure testing the modules one at a time would be a great place to start and please let me know how you make out.

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I am now testing Vista x64 with only one ram stick and default bios settings (after clrmos).

I have not installed any drivers except for the wireless network card.

I have been running PerformanceTest 6.1 by Passmark Software a couple of times, and no bsods yet.


Is there a surefire way of "provoking" a ram failure to reveal itself?


For some reason the bios won't allow me to downgrade it to see if that would improve the situation, but I won't bother Corsair with the booboos of Asus ;)


PS: This is the Mist psu i was talking about. Sorry, but the page is in norwegian so im not sure how much info you'll get from it. (It has been sold with the name "Cooltek" in some places) :)


"From the summer of 2005 it was also sold in Germany under the name Cooltek. Two german websites tested it and there was no lack of superlatives. http://www.hartware.de concluded that it had no weak points and that it was the best powersupply they had ever tested"

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It appears that two of the four ram sticks i got are faulty. With one of the faulty ones the computer wont even show the bios screen when i turn on the computer, while the other one would allow me to run but fails within a short time.


I have now been running a burn-in test on the computer all night using the two sticks that work and everything seems fine.


I will have the two faulty ones sendt back to the store i bought them from so they can replace them.


Thanks for your help


Have a nice day :)

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