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Confused about needed power


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I've bought a brand new pc with the following specs;



2x 1024MB ddr3 1800mhz

XFX 8800GTS 512MB

4x 250GB SATA II

intel core 2 Q6700

Corsair TX650w


The first forum i asked if the TX650w power supply is enough for this pc said that even a HX520w would be enough, so i bought my new pc and when it was built I started it up and it kept restarting after 6 seconds. So I thought it was something wrong with the motherboard and sent it back and now im starting to get a little worried if I didn't have enough power to start up the PC :[pouts:. Does anyone with 100% certainty know how much power this PC needs? :o:

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Roughly estimated, your rig can probably draw near or about 300W, but that's a worst case scenario figure, typical power draw will be somewhat less.


The PSU is thus as mentioned sufficient, the rebooting issues -could- be because of many other causes.

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RAM GUY and JoeBob are spot on. In fact a Corsair VX450 would power your system without breaking a sweat. If you're rebooting it could be incorrect memory timings or other assorted issues. I'd recommend pulling the mobo out of the case and bench build the system with only the psu, cpu, one stick of ram, and the video card. Verify that you have hooked everything up properly. The wires for your case pwr switch will be short, so you can use a metal object to short the 2 pins on the mobo pwr switch header to fire things up.
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