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Their PSU may be proprietary, and if that is the case then a standard PSU would not be compatible. You would need to find out whether the system would support an ATX 12v 2.0 or higher PSU, and if that is the case, any of our PSUs would work with the system.
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Thanks for the replies, but here's a question. If my existing PS were to go bad what would I have to do,, dump the PC. I checked Sony's parts for this machine , and they don't have this PS .

The PS in this PC is NMB Model # MJPC 300 A2. 299 watts.

The motherboard is an Asustek P4SD-VX .


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I just fixed up my dad's Costco computer same exact one. I think its worth it i only spent 180bucks for the below stuff:


ATI 512mb Ge-Cube 4x/8x 1650 graphic card

2gb (2x512mb) pc 3200 (spec max but will run sis sandra on it later)


Forget the proprietary stuff. It is an Asus OEM board. I have to say though I am gonna buy a low profile antec 400w true power supply to replace this one just make sure it has the correct plugs for the board. OC'ers like this board cause they can over clock the 2.8ghz to 3.12ghz with stock fan and no other mods. the case is confined I also went round ata100 cables and chucked the floppy drive.


so 60bucks more or so and my dad's computer will last another 5 years which all in all comes to be about 250bucks a year for 10 years worth of usage on a computer. Just my thoughts

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