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Corsair 520w, Slow rpm´s !


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Alright, so the PSU fan does´nt increase it´s speed if it get too hot ? seriously it´s not important to have a VERY SILENT fan, unless it can transport lots of hot air. And because of that i now i have to run other fans on full speed, so anyway there is more noise right now...:roll:


Corsair should add a manual fan speed controller or change fan. Like noctua 120mm, full speed and no noise and alot of air, but a little expensive.



Otherwise it´s a great PSU! :biggrin:

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The fan speed is controlled by a thermal controller inside the PSU. It runs at the speed required to keep it cool and safe. So, yes, the fan speed changes with the heat.


If you have excess heat in the case or if your case heat is making the PSU run hot, then it sounds like you may have an airflow problem in your case.

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