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DK8X Memory selection


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I have an IWill DK8X motherboard. AMD Opteron 250 2.4GHz

I would like to add 2G or if too costly 1G. But I'm having difficulty in determining what memory is compatible I know I want PC3200 ECC registered this machine has a dual channel so I think its TW** is needed? I'm also worried about 2.5 V vs 2.6 V compatibility. I *think* dk8x requires 2.5. I've looked on corsair site memory finder but the DK8X is NOT listed :-( I have ordered in that past and it worked

Corsair TWINX1024RE-3200LL 1GB Kit DDR400 XMS3200 ECC Registered Ultra Low Latency Memory w/Black Heat Spreader Retail before and that worked. (can someone tell me is this 2.5 or 2.6 V?)


But I now looking for possible 2GB upgrade (2x1G sticks ) Can someone help with what options there are for me ?


Please help:!:

Thanks in advance: :):

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