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CMX512-3200C2 v4.2

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I have a Twinx 1024 3200C2 series module and I beleive it is bad.


the stick that is giving me errors on memtest is 0511025-1


here are my specs


A7N8X-E Deluxe Bios 1013


All the bios settings have been manually changed



100% Speed




I get errors on all three slots with the same stick of ram.


No errors so far on the remaining stick. Still testing on the remaining stick for errors.


I am convined that at least one ram is defective.


Previous ram was a brand from another reputable company PC3200 C3 512MB stick and it had no problems. Error free.


Would like to get an RMA processed if possible. Will post again the results of the remaining ram being tested.

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1 hour 30 mins, after 5 passes no errors are being detected on the remaining stick of ram.


With the other ram it usually occurs with the first pass with errors showing up on test 8, sometimes on a bunch of other tests.


I am fairly convinced now that the ram is faulty.:(:

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I haven't received an email reply about the RMA, so I've already followed your steps on what to do when that happens and emailed




all the information again. Should I have emailed it to




Or is either one is okay to use? And I just saw your Express Support feature, so not sure if I should apply for an RMA through that method instead?


:confused: :confused:

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Well, after finally getting a RMA reply from support, I ended up getting a reply only after using the Tech Support Express, so maybe for the future using that service would be the quickest way to get a respsone.


Anyway got the RMA sent back to me yesteday and am in the process of using Memtest, 14 hours and error free so far, will wait for the 24 hour period.


But I am pretty confidant that i'll be having no problems.


This makes me happy that I chose Corsair for both my systems.



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