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CMX512 3200C2 Problem


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I have two sticks in my Voodoo Type C that I purchased at different times to replace the 512 kit that came with the system.

Voodoo had me run MPRIME to discover the problem. Your TXSPress talks about running Memtest. Is the test I'm using ok?


The sticks run ok alone but together I have to lower the clock speed to 166MHz.

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CMX512 3200C2 0440063-2

XMS3200 512MB 400HZ CL2 XMS3202V5.1


CMX512 3200C2 0402089

XMS3200 512MB 400HZ CL2 XMS3202V1.2


I've been looking at the VIA web site and they are saying that the P4PB400-FL will run DDR400 but at DDR333 settings.


Right now I'm running it at 2226 1T 166MHz.


It seems ok so far but haven't been there long.

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As I stated it's running fine 2-2-2-6 at 166MHz. I don't see any voltage adjust?


Is there a reason to go to the slower sppeeds if it's runnig ok?


I think this whole issue was brought on by my CMOS battery getting weak. And I had the computer powered down for a while and it went to default settings.


It had been running fine.

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