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twinx1024 3200c2pt / dell dimension 8300


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i just recieved this ram today very excited about the low latency


unfortunately its running at cas 3


the only sticks of ram installed are the two from the twinx set


the rest of my specs are..


2.6ghz 800mhz fsb


dimension 8300 updated bios


turbo cool 450 psu


i got the below information from pc wizard 2006


Chipset : Intel i875PE

Chipset RAM Type : DDR-SDRAM PC3200 Dual Channel


FSB Frequency : 199.5 MHz

Bus Speed : 798 MHz (QDR)

Memory Frequency : 199 MHz

Chipset Bandwidth : 6368 MB/s

Memory Bandwidth : 6382 MB/s

Latency : CL3

PAT Enabled : Yes


why is my new ram running at cl3?


can i fix it or should i send it back for some regular twinx and save some money?



also note that the ram i had in before *two stock hynix sticks and one corsair value select* was running at cl2.5 single channel 333mhz (they didnt match)

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im asking what cas will i see with two sticks of CMSS512MB-400

i wanna know that before making another move



thinking out loud..

minus a heat spreader.. i dont want to bring back the twinx ram and spend 10 more dollars for cas3 all over again (based on prices ive found)


im tryin to achieve a cas latency of 2.. if i cant achieve that with a corsair line up i would have to find a set of cl2.5 for at least 20 bux less before i would part with the set i have now (the expense of hassle) <-- my fault :D:


its dissapointing that i would have to settle for a set of ram that will be worth less years down the road

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  • Corsair Employee
System select modules would be made to JEDEC spec so usually Cas 3-3-3-8 or 3-4-4-8 for DDR400 modules. I would not suggest trying to get Cas 2 memory to run with any OEM system as it most likely will not run properly and with no bios options there will be no way to fix it.
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