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RAM for Foxconn NF4K8MC-EKRS


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Hi Ram Guy,


I'm building a new mATX system using a Foxconn NF4K8MC-EKRS nForce 4 MB. Foxconn lists "Dual channel, unbuffered, 2.5V DDR266/333/400, (2) 184-pin DIMM sockets, max 2GB" for Memory in their specs.


Your sites compatibility thingy doesn't list this MB.


I'm wanting to use your Twinx2048-3200c2 (Good deal going on NewEgg). They are are unbuffered, but the voltage is listed as 2.75.


Will they work for me?


If not, what will?


I've had good luck with XMS modules in the past, and when I didn't you made it right. Please let me know if these are compatable so I can get my order placed.




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The Foxconn website lists:

"Adjustable bus speeds"

"Austable memory timing"


A Review on Extreme Tech http://www.extremetech.com/article2/0,1697,1883147,00.asp states:


"The BIOS setup allows you to change memory settings, including basic latency timings and the memory clock. Note that the board does support the use of 1T command rate, which the nForce4 chipset can put to good advantage. You can't, however, adjust the voltages on the memory, so very low latencies or very high memory clocks are probably out of reach. You can also adjust CPU frequencies, but this is likely also to offer limited options without voltage settings."


So timings, Yes, Voltage, No.


This is for a system I'm building for myself at work. It's not for gaming etc. I just want to build something I won't grow out of too soon. I don't get into overclocking, I just want to know if this RAM will work even though the diffence in voltage specs.


Unfortunately Foxconn doesn't provide a list of approved RAM, and Corsairs automatic compatability finder doesn't listg this board.

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Thanks Ram Guy,


I was going to use the Twinx2048-3200 until I saw that there is a $40 rebate for the Twinx2048-3200C2 making it roughly the same price. The lower Cas Latency seemed like a good idea, but the voltage spec was farther (2.75 instead of 2.6) from the MB's 2.5. I really only know some of the specs that make some RAM faster than others (Such as lower CL), but the minutia of voltage settings etc is beyond me, which is why I asked here. I typically just use the "agressive" settings in my BIOS and that is the extent of my overclocking :-)


To educate me (and anyone else reading this) is the voltage disparity the reason for your recommendation?


As I mentioned earlier, this is for an office machine, not a game box, so stability is much more important to me for this application than absolute speed.

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