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1 possibly bad module from twin set


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ive just finished making a home build pc, installed xp, got into windows and installed the drivers for my graphics card


i then shut down the pc and tried to start it up again, it wouldnt boot up at all, the fan on the cpu started up but then turned off leaving the other fans running and no signal to my monitor


i removed one stick of the 2 512mb corsair RAM from the mobo and now the CPU fan stays on, and it appears to be booting up but theres no signal to the monitor still


what is going on? ive reseated the graphics card and thats done nothing, ive put the other stick of RAM back in and that gives me the error from before so im assuming that that stick is definitely faulty, and ive no idea why it wont boot

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my lot code is: 0550055-1


and my serial # is: 4785816


and above the barcode it says VS512MB400, its valueselect RAM


and ive tried each stick on its own in the same slot, and one of them posts ok, but the other doesnt even post


i think it might be the graphics card thats preventing the system booting properly, but this stick of RAM is definitely faulty

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