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TwinX2048-4000PT Help Please


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Hi, I need some help with the RAM I just purchased and received. The RAM will not run at 1T timing no matter what, regardless of speed and voltages. Memtest spits out errors by the 1000s in 1T. Just recently I was able to run a pass of Memtest at 250MHZ at 2T with no errors after getting some help from another forum. I changed a lot of the timings around to get it to work at 2T, but I want to be able to run them in 1T anyway. Both sticks, one at a time, still gave out errors by the way in both 1T and 2T. I have not tested them individually again after I changed the timings.


Can someone help me in changing the BIOS RAM options for this RAM to make it work at it's best? I'm using the ASUS A8R-MVP motherboard with BIOS 0309 (latest). Here's some BIOS screens if they can help:




Thanks in advance for any help.

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Unless Corsair has said that somewhere, yes, they're wrong.



Available in both 1GB single and 2GB kit packages, the XMS-4000PT is guaranteed to run at 500MHz at 3-4-4-8-1T.


Something I was very interested in, since I'm looking at an X2 4400, and need some reasonably stonking memory to match it. Preferably without "diagnostic" LEDs since they frighten the cat...


Seriously, though, I'd be interested at some point to see a response from someone from Corsair if they do stop by.

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  • Corsair Employee

Command Rate is not really a memory setting and would be dependant on the make and model of MB and PSU and the specific CPU you have installed. You might look this setting up on http://www.rojakpot.com and get a better explanation.

And the fact that you dont have any errors whe set to 2t Command Rate would suggest its some other issue. If possible I would test the modules in another system if you can that might help verify the issue. However, if you just want to get them replaced. Please follow the link in my signature “I think I have a bad part! Or *New* Tech Support Express” and we will be happy to replace them or it!

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