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RMA needed for bad memory? 2x CMX512-3200C2


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I have a pair of CMX512-3200C2 modules (1gb total ram) installed in an ECS NF4-A939 motherboard running an Athlon X2 3800+ CPU. The bios and WinXP pro system appears to recognize 1GB of memory at 3,3,3,8 memory timings, but when I try to tighten up the timings to 2.5,2,2,6 in the bios (supported based on the module specs, and various information gathered from other forum/web searches for this motherboard/CPU), the system fails the POST and I have to reset/clear the bios to the default so the system can POST.


Went into WinXP and used PC Wizard 95 to identify the memory modules, and it appears that the modules for some reason are not "responding" correctly. From screenshots captured it appears that one of the modules is damaged somehow, although I'm not sure how; the other appears to represent itself correctly as 512MB, but it also is having issues identifying itself correctly. The system is defaulting currently to 3,3,3,8, as per the motherboard defaults. Winxp My Computer -> Properties thinks that 1GB is installed.


Screencaps are provided in this post in zip format, representing each module by itself (screencap 1 & 2), and then together (swapped the modules between slots A0/A1 in screencaps 3 & 4); I think I need a new/repaired pair of modules?


Thanks for the assistance!


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Ahh, I was looking for that spec sheet...okay, tried those timings out and they appear to work. Cpu-Z shows one module as Corsair, part number CMX51@-3200C2 (the other is properly shown as CMX512-3200C2). I guess this is just a strange but working module...! Thanks for the help!
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