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Version Conflict or Bad Memory????


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Hi, I currently have Corsair 2x512mb (CMX512-3200XL) version 1.1. I purchased from newegg.com another GB of identical ram to make sure I was safe with a compatible ram upgrade. I have a P4-C800E Deluxe mobo with a 3.4Ghz Pentium 4 extreme edition cpu. When I installed the additional 2x512 3200XL the computer would start up windows, then crashes immediately. I also ran MemTest86 and got a ton of errors during Test #3.


I noticed that the new 2x512 I got from newegg were version 1.2. I already had 2x512 but it was version 1.1. Are the different versions imcompatible or are the new 2x512 I purchased just defective? In other words, should I return the sticks to newegg or just get them replaced?

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