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Tunder K7 Pro and TwinX Memory


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I recently purchased a 2 x 1GB set of TwinX Matched Pair memory sticks from you guys but when i received them they do not function. I used the memory configuration tool that you have on the site. I know that the most common ram for my board is PC 2100 but with my current configuration i was running into situations where i was low on RAM (My system specs are listed below). Based on this tool i went to the bottom of the page and scrolled through the other compatible RAM options and found the set i later purchased (Label on RAM stick: CMX1024RE-3200).

Problem Encountered:

After receiving the RAM i removed the old stuff (2 x 512 pair) listed below and installed the new PC3200 stuff in the same slots figuring this would be the most likely place for it to function (I believe it is slots 1 & 2 I don’t remember off the top of my head). I then powered up the computer to receive nothing at all......and I do mean nothing. No beeps, no boot screen, just blackness and the sound of all my hardware. After X amount of time my monitor would just turn off and still no response. I then tried the ram in the other two slots (3 & 4 I believe) to no avail just the same result. I then removed the new RAM replaced the old and the system booted up as normal.


Is this a compatibility problem, Dead RAM or is there some other thing i can check for you that i might have forgot.


PC Specs


Model: 2x AMD Athlon MP 2800+



Mainboard: TYAN S2469 THUNDER K7 PRO

BIOS Version: v1.08 (latest version as posted on Tyan website on 4/15/04)

Total Memory: 1023MB ECC DDR-SDRAM Registered


Video System

Adapter: RADEON X700 Pro or Nvidia Quatro 750XGL

(graphics card and subsiquent driver use is dependant on if i am doing everyday use/gaming or 3D solid modeling work)


Physical Storage Devices

Removable Drive: Floppy disk drive

Hard Disk: SEAGATE ST373307LW SCSI Disk Device




Operating System(s)

Windows System: Microsoft Windows XP/2002 Professional (Service Pack 2)




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Does anyone have input on this.....?? This is an attempt to bump this thread back towards the top as it is getting burried and not getting answered.


Side note: your phone tech line is rather annoying as when it doesnt ring into someone right away you get looped through the whole 10 min automated system again :evil: :evil: :evil: just something i experianced today as i tried to contact someone for 40 min using the phone number posted in the contact us tech support section.


Thanks and sorry but im getting to the point of frustration here.

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OH i got the automated system LOTS of it........just couldnt get it to put me on hold to actually get to speak to someone in tech support.......it would almost get there and then after like 4 rings bump me back two menus and i would have to work all the way back to where i should have rang into someone again.


Ok that was a long run on but you get the point.

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Yea i dont know what was up with it. Is there a more effective way to call in?


I will try again im pretty persistant as you can tell lol. Especially when im having a hard time working on these 3D solid Models.


thanks for the input wired...

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Because this RAM was inproperly listed my next question are you going to fix your website to properly display only PC2100 for this motherboard. I must now contact Newegg and attempt to return this RAM and or exchange it for the 2gig of 2100 RAM and get a refund for the excess money on top of that.


EDIT: after looking into this with newegg i must now pay to ship it back and pay a 15% restocking fee. Then they will send me my remaining money back. So that i can turn around and purchase the correct RAM. They do not offer exchanging of the RAM so that i may get the correct stuff.


Is there any pull that corsair has on this due to the RAM being listed as a compatible product on your website?

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Ok now that i just found out that i can not return this ram to newegg i can only replace it with the same exact incompatibile RAM (i looked into their RMA options and refund is no longer avalible only replace with same). I ask you guys the following question:


Can you exchange it for two gig of PC2100 so that i may cut my losses here?


Hopefully you will be able to give me some good news here of some kind or another. Thanks for your patience on this situation.

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I still was not contacted RAM GUY so i will call in and leave another message around 8 am your time.


EDIT: Call was placed at 10am PST. I left a message on the voice mail system as i was not able to get ahold of anyone to forward me to your extention. Thx.

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Ok another day gone by and another message on the tech support voice mail.


What is the next step here RAM GUY im getting frustrated again because i have now sent in two calls to the system with absolutly no replys by phone....




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  • Corsair Employees

Good deal, sorry you had so much trouble, please let me know when you get the new modules and how you make out!

And I am sorry I was in a meeting when you called, but I had one of best people try to help you.

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