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Flash Voyager 1GB Install Problems


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I have 1GB Flash Voyager that has installed perfectly on two XP machines however my home machine will not install correctly. It recognizes the drive as a Corsair Flash Voyager USB Device and goes the process of automatic installation. It then finishes with "Cannot install this hardware, an error occurred during the installation of this device, One of the filter drivers is invalid." I have tried a co-workers Flash Voyager that was bought at the same time as mine with the same results, so I think the problem is on my machine and not with the drive.




Dell Pentium 4 1.80Ghz, 512mb ram

Windows XP Home, Service Pack 2

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  • Corsair Employee
Please make sure that you have the latest bios and or firmware installed for your system, then with the Flash Voyeger installed remove all of the listings under USB devices and remove the Voyeger then restart your system and make sure all of the on board USB devices get installed properly. The try and install the USB drive again. In addition please make sure that you have any driver updates that may be needed for your specific system.
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