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Corsair Memory & GA-7N400 Pro2 - Settings?


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I have been using Corsair 512M RAM (CMX512-3200C2PRO) the past few years, but now needed to upgrade, so bought a TWINX1024-3200C2PRO set, with the intention of having 1.5G RAM.

But when I try to fit them (either all three or just two of them) in Dual Channel DDR (DIMM 1, 2 & 3, or DIMM 1 & 3), the computer gives one long beep, and then stops, with no display, the fans & hard-drive running. And if I've got the case open, the Corsair LEDs initially flicker as normal, then freeze, and then LEDs all go out on one module, then the next module, and the next (if there are 3 are fitted). :confused:


I can get the computer to boot up with 1G of RAM, with two cards in non Dual Channel DDR (DIMM 1 & 3), but some of my software that works fine (but slowly) with 512M RAM, will not run at all with 1G RAM, so something can't be right.


What are the correct setting for my motherboard, to get the RAM working correctly (preferable with all 3 modules)?


My FSB is 166MHz, and Memory speed is set by SPD (to 400MHz).

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As an addition detail,


I have changed my RAM settings to the following: 2.5 3 3 6

Based on what I have read else where on this site, and while this has enabled me to run with 1024 MB RAM (2 off. 512 MB), I still can't get it to run with all three 512MB cards. :sigh!:


Can anyone help?

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I think the problem is to do with the DDR Dual Channel settings.


Because I have reduced my memory speed setting to 100% (instead of SPD), so my memory speed = FSB = 166Mhz, to avoid different module versions issue, just put my two 4.1 version units into slots 1 & 3. And I got the same old problem with the long beep, then nothing happening. :(:


Changing the settings from 2.5-3-3-6 to 3-3-3-8 didn't help either, so I have change these back as some of my software (X3 - Reunion) will not run with 3-3-3-8 settings.


Can anyone help??? :confused:

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OK, assuming that I just put my v2.1 module to one side, and just use my Twinx pair. I still cannot get my computer to run in Dual Channel mode.:mad:


Does any one out there have this motherboard (GA-7N400 Pro2 (v.1.x) running with Corsair RAM in Dual Channel mode, and if so which modules, and what settings? :confused:

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I have tried them always possible:


1 & 2 : Ok - Non-Dual Channel

1 & 3 : Dead apart from single long beep

1 & 4 : Dead apart from single long beep

2 & 4 : Dead apart from single long beep

2 & 3 : Dead apart from single long beep

3 & 4 : Dead with no beep


And Gigabyte Tech are unhelpful, saying it should just auto detect, suggesting that maybe Corsair are not Dual Channel compatible. :mad:

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I have got a new M/Board, a MSI K7N2 Delta2-FSR, with a whole lot setting up headache, but thank to other threads on this site, it is all running OK. :cool:


I think I now know what may have been the problem with my GA-7N400 board. :o:

When I removed it, to fit my new M/board, I found 3 additional metal mounting posts, that must have been fitted for the M/board prior to the GA7N400, but which the GA board did not use, and one of these was roughly under the DIMM socket areas.:eek: So it must have been shorting some of the DIMMs out or something, but I am not putting it back in to find out if my old M/board is OK now, or not.


I have messed around enough as it is.:!: (Was up nearly all last night trying get the new M/board working.)


Thanks for all your help.

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