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iBook + Corsair not happening (yet)


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So I got 512mb of ram for my iBook, and it doesn't seem to be working. I've checked, both on here and on Crucial, to see if it's the right kind. It does appear to be. But, with two attempted installs, doing absolutely everything the instructions say, it's not working. Here's what the label on the outside of the package says, please let me know:


1. If that's the right one


2. If there's something I can do to either change a setting if that's what needs to be done, or test it to see if it's working.


DDR 512MB PC2100 SO-D CO

Speed 266mhz 200PIN


I have an Apple iBook G4, 1.2ghz, from early 2004.


Thanks much!



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I did, I am. Going to try TechTool Deluxe (a disk/ram analyzer) and see what happens. Meanwhile, assuming the ram is right, what suggestions do you have to see if it just needs a setting change(BIOS,etc), or the RAM isn't working?
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