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H115i Elite RGB - Fan rattling/grinding sound after 1.450 RPM

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Greetings everyone!! Just installed my H115i Elite RGB that I received today. However, when fans go beyong 1.400 RPM, 1 fan starts making a noise similar to a fan hitting something but it is not. The other fan doesn't do any noise even at max RPM.

The weird thing is that when I dettached the fan from the radiator and simply held it, it doesn't produce any sound at high RPM.

I tried changing fan positions, losening the bolts, playing with the wires, chaning position but nothing. The same fan does the same noise when attached to the radiator and go beyond 1.450 RPM. Also, when it stops and reaches 1.450 RPM, it also does the same sound.

*The sound does not come from the radiator, I have tested in on iCUE.

Please find below two videos that I took a few minutes ago. Would appreciate some help!




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