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Corsair hs55 Wireless some issues

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first of all hello,

I bought this product a few days ago, but I received it 6-7 hours ago, but I am facing a few problems.

1- When I download the icue software it tells me the necessary updates and I cannot do them, the application does not allow me.

2- I can't install the program from the nvidia broadcast section in the icue software because it tells me that there is not enough space in the storage, but I have space.

3-when i plug in the headset i hear beep beep sounds at a random time interval then the sounds go away then the windows usb disconnect and connect sound then the sounds come back then the sounds come back I could not find a solution at all!

I wrote to support but I didn't get any feedback

This is my ticket number: #2006805398

and below I am leaving a screen rem of the problems I have encountered and I hope you can help.

Ekran Alıntısı.PNG

Ekran Alıntısı2.PNG

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Update on the topic:
-bios update done
-icue old version tried
-reinstalled icue new version
-I heard that there was a situation where my internet at home was increased from 2.4 to 5ghz and the signals were like 
-reinstalled all drivers from scratch

Despite all this, there was no solution at all, never mind the updates in the icue, random beep beep sounds from the headset, then all sounds go away and then windows usb connection disconnection sound and reconnection sound and then the device reconnects, this event lasts 20-25 seconds

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I am having the same issues with this headset and for a while now. I have been started having the issue where when the headset disconnects for the 20-25 seconds, but recently my game will crash and I sometimes get a deserter penalty. Whenever I have that disconnect, I unplug and re-plug in the adaptor but its still a pain that I have to do that. My headset and adaptor are both updated so not sure what to do either.

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The problem still continues, I have never encountered such a bad company in my life, I sent it to the technical service, they said that they could not see a problem with your device in order not to get a refund, but there is even video evidence, corsair put me in an incredibly bad situation.

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  • Solution

I am happy to give you the happy news that my problem was in the motherboard or corsair did not produce the device compatible with some motherboards when they produced it, but I am happy to have a solution even though it cost me a lot of money, I am no longer disconnected...

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