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Need some help picking out RAM for MEG Z790 Godlike build


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I'm having a really hard time finding good RAM to stick in my Z790. MSI lists about 70 compatible Corsair kits for this board, but Corsair lists about only 10. Not sure where the disconnect is there.

I've been through 4 RAM kits now trying to find something that will work in my board. My general requirements are either 2x24 or 2x36GB, 6000 MHz +, CL 36 or lower. I really prefer the plain black Corsair Vengeance sticks because the lighting on the motherboard is really subtle and I don't want to overpower the aesthetics with RGB on the RAM. That being said, I'm starting to become flexible on the non-RGB thing if I can find a really hot kit performance-wise.

I've been through MSI's list a couple times googling the SKUs for the kits they list, but all the decent ones don't seem to actually be available for sale anywhere. It's like pro build shops snapped all of them up or something. Looking for help spec'ing and sourcing some Corsair RAM. Unfortunately, Corsair doesn't seem to offer phone support anymore, and literally nothing happens when I click on the text chat link. I'd really like to get ahold of a Corsair rep here, but any and all help would be greatly appreciated - especially from someone else who has this board and know FOR SURE where I can find some compatible RAM for sale that meets my general specs. Get this also - I DO NOT CARE how much it costs. This is probably my last build ever, and I want to go out in style.

Thanks in advance!

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Think I forgot to list out my build specs

Motherboard: MSI MEG Z790 Godlike
CPU: Intel 14900K
GPU: MSI RTX 4090 Suprim Liquid X
PSU: Corsair 1500i

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Most board makers do not update their QVL lists much after launch unless there is a seismic shift in memory ICs.  I would think the introduction of 24GB modules would have qualified last year, but a lot of people say the same thing you are.  


A 790 Godlike should be able to run almost any kit at 7600 or less.  I was able to run the 2x24 Dominator Titanium at 7600 on my Z790 Hero, although very little room for error there.  Your board should be able to match that, although your frequency aims do not need to be that high.  Unless you really need the extra 16GB of memory, 2x24 has a lot more headroom than 2x32GB and also has been the focus of the most recent releases.  


There is a 7600 C36 2x24 Vengeance kit (non-RGB) as well as a 6000 C30 version.



Lots of choices in the Dominator Titanium 2x24 category.  All of these should run on your board.  In terms of the overall RGB aesthetic, be aware you can turn of the RGB at all times by setting a static black 0/0/0 for both the software and hardware modes.  That will leave it in the natural state.  However, you also have a lot of options for very subtle, low intensity lighting with individual LED control and software brightness control on 0-100 scale.  Even bright presets can be tamed by throwing a black shade over the top substantially lowering the brightness.  



I am a bit surprised you found anything that would not run on your board.  I can see 7800-8400 stuff not working and that's not meant for anything other than a 2 channel board, but everything else should work.  

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It's been a real eye-opener for me how finicky DDR5 compatibility can be. I've now tried 3 kits total. 2 corsair kits and one Kingston kit in the 6000-6400 Hz/30-36 CL range and none of them will run at rated even with one stick installed. I'm currently running on one 16GB stick at default 4800 Hz until I can find a kit that actually works as expected. Ordered in another Corsair kit tonight. Fingers crossed it actually works. If not, I'll probably RMA the board and return the RAM kit and start over trying to find a good combo

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8 hours ago, J_Falcon said:

I've now tried 3 kits total. 2 corsair kits and one Kingston kit in the 6000-6400 Hz/30-36 CL range and none of them will run at rated even with one stick installed

Yikes. Well, I’m afraid that is a bit worrisome. That should be instant plug and play on that board with a 14900K. 

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I have this motherboard and 13900k cpu. run 4 sticks at 7000mhz stable. all had to do was turn on XMP and adjusted the speed from 7200 to 7000. just too lazy to tinker to get it run 7200. 7000 was good enough for me


DOMINATOR® PLATINUM RGB 32GB (2x16GB) DDR5 DRAM 7200MHz C34 Memory Kit — Black

2024-01-18 01_10_59-System Information.png

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I ended up sending the board back to Newegg for replacement. Was throwing error code 16 every other boot attempt, and would not run even QVL listed RAM at XMP speeds. Sent the CPU back also for good measure. Hopefully they'll play nice with me on the returns. Low-key wishing I'd went with the ASRock Nova instead of the $$$ MSI board at this point. 

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