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Found 22 results

  1. Hello. I have a problem with my recently ordered Corsair Vengeance RGB PROs. They dont show up in mystic light. I reinstalled Mystic Light several times, switched to different versions and installed and uninstalled ICUE a couple of times but nothing worked. I already wrote the corsair support but the message i got was basically "It should work try to uninstall ICue (which already was uninstalled) or ask msi" But MSI logically cant help me when a product from corsair doesnt work with their open source software. Do you guys have any ideas what I could try? I found nothing on the internet.
  2. Hi, I bought the Corsair SP120 RGB PRO kit that comes with 3 RGB fans and one lightning node core. I have an MSI X-570 Motherboard with 2 RGB 4 pin 12v and 2 A-RGB 3 pin 5v. The lightning node core connects to the motherboard using a 2.0 USB connector. Then, it works fine with iCUE software, however, it is not recognized by Mystic Light as I'm not using either RGB or ARGB motherboard headers. Is there a way to connect the fans RGB lights to the motherboard's A-RGB or RGB headers so I can sync using Mystic Light?
  3. So I'm pulling my hair out here with Corsair. My USB devices keep disconnecting and reconnecting at random, multiple times per day. Something is causing a reset on all USB devices connected to the X470 chipset. I've tried all the solutions on this forum to no avail. The problem has persisted across multiple iterations of gear (different cases, CPUs, internal and external drives, RAM configs, PSUs, GPUs, etc) and across multiple clean Windows installations. Current gear list below: MAIN COMPONENTS: Ryzen 7 3700X - PBO Enabled - No Overclock MSI X470 Gaming Pro Carbon - Latest 2D BIOS (have reflashed various BIOS versions and reset CMOS many times - no change) 2x8GB Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 3000MHz C15 - XMP Enabled EVGA RTX2080 XC Black Edition w/ EVGA PowerLink EVGA SuperNova G3 750W PSU PERIPHERALS/ACCESSORIES: Corsair H150i Pro Lighting Node Pro 8 x Corsair LED Strips Commander Pro 6 x HD120 RGB Fans ST100 Headphone Stand HS70 Wireless Headphones Corsair Light Enhancement Kit (Dummy RAM Modules w/ RGB) M65 RGB Pro Mouse K70 Mk.2 SE Keyboard SOFTWARE: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit 1909 - fully updated iCUE 3.26.95 (earlier versions exhibit same behavior) Mystic Light - uninstalled - have tried both installed w/ service disabled/manual start and completely uninstalled - no difference HWInfo64 - 6.22 stable - Corsair/Asetek Support Disabled, Persistent Driver Disabled Using USBLogView to monitor the disconnects and the devices being disconnected, I have narrowed it down to all ports deriving from the X470 chipset. The 4 x USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports on the back of the motherboard deriving from the CPU do NOT disconnect; they work fine. All other ports, according to the MSI X470 GPC manual, derive from the X470 chipset, and all of them disconnect - this includes front USB 3.1 Gen 1, internal USB 2.0, rear USB 2.0, and rear USB 3.1 Gen 2. I have tried swapping devices around, and it's always the same ports that disconnect (and the same 4 ports that don't), regardless of the device connected to it. At the recommendation of other users around the net, I have installed the NZXT Internal USB Hub - plugged the hub into one of the USB 2.0 internal headers, then plugged the Commander Pro and Lighting Node Pro into that. I have the H150i connected to the other internal USB 2.0 header, not to the hub. USB disconnects and reconnects randomly, anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours, sometimes even going 6-7 hours, but definitely multiple timers per day. I use my computer for gaming and, more importantly, as a DAW (digital audio workstation) and for instrument playback and recording. I'll be in the middle of playing or recording, and everything but the peripherals attached to the rear USB 3.1 Gen 1 will disconnect and reconnect - not good when trying to record a take. As a side note, I am also still having trouble with iCUE and 3rd Gen Ryzen voltages/temps. While the latest RAM and iCUE updates have given the illusion that CPU usage has been reduced (i.e. task manager doesn't show iCUE using a large portion of CPU or high power usage anymore), if you actually monitor CPU voltage, frequency, and temperatures using Ryzen Master, you will clearly see a huge difference (reduction) in all 3 when iCUE is closed. This issue still has not been fixed, merely masked, and it's unacceptable at this point. That aside, I'm at the end of my rope here. I don't know what else to try. I've waited and waited for software and firmware updates to fix the issues I've been having, but this is getting ridiculous. I'm at the point where I'm about to uninstall everything Corsair (an extensive list of gear) and move onto something else. I've used Corsair gear in the past with good results, but the last 1.5 years have been extremely frustrating. Does anyone have any further suggestions before I jump ship? I really don't want to, but it's getting to that point...
  4. Hey, ich habe ein MSI Mainboard (MPG B550 Gaming Edge WiFi) und will mir bald eine Asus GPU holen (RTX 3070 oc). Nun frag ich mich, ob ich diese trotz dem MSI Mainboard über iCue steuern kann, da iCue keine Mainboards der Marke MSI unterstüzt.
  5. I tried reinstalling icue 4 and dragon center but still icue says "default device name" and shows only one port. So does it only support jcorsair port on it or it is only for the moment? They might be working on a larger support in the future but couldn't find a real answer :/ Will it gonna support MSI x570 ace fully like asus ones?
  6. Hi! I have noticed that iCUE service for MSI motherboards support has a high CPU and Power usage. Is that something new coming to iCUE? I don't see any MSI motherboard in iCUE except for the sensors support. Is this load normal? My Mb is MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC (MS-7B85). iCUE 4.9.350 Thanks.
  7. Guten Tag, falls ich im falschen Bereich frage, gerne darauf hinweisen... Bin noch frisch hier. :-P Hintergrundinfos: Ich plane für eine Freundin einen komplett weißen Build zu machen und bin aufgrund der gut aufgestellten Auswahl auf Corsair gestoßen. Nun ist es ja so, dass MSI (z.B.) bei einigen Boards einen JCorsair Header an Bord hat. Ich hab gelesen, dass über diesen ein Steuern von Corsair Produkten über die Mystic Light Software möglich sein soll.. Dem würde ich gerne nachgehen. Leider gibt es nämlich keine GPUs die direkt Corsairkompatibel sind... Ich werde vorraussichtlich das neue iCUE 4000X Gehäuse nehmen, einen zusätzlichen RGB Lüfter nach hinten packen, das Corsair CX-F RGB Netzteil verwenden und ggf. einen Commander um genügend 12v Fan Header zu haben. Das 4000X besitzt schon einen Node Core. Frage: Funktioniert das wie ich mir das vorgestellt habe? Kann ich den Node an den Commander stecken und den Commander an den JCORSAIR Anschluss des MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon? Kriege ich vielleicht sogar noch 1-2 RGB Stripes untergebracht oder optional noch die Corsair H100i mit ihren zwei Lüftern und der Pumpe angeschlossen? Fragen über Fragen... So halbwegs steige ich ja durch, aber es ist wirklich SEHR viel input... Edit: Könnte ich den Commander ggf. auch ganz weg lassen und einfach Splitter-Kabel für die Lüfter benutzen? Besten Dank schon mal für jede Hilfe! Liebe Grüße, Yannic
  8. Hey Guys, Sorry if this question is already asked by someone... The thing is the iCue software is amazing, and corsair has all the pc components but don't have motherboards and VGA Cards. And, I can get either a MSI Z490 GODLIKE or ASUS ROG MAXIUMUS XII EXTREME for my build, but what is the best motherboard that suitable for a full Corsair iCue Build? And also a good nvidia Rtx 2080 ti card (I can't get the founders edition candy in my area only AIB Cards) I need to sync all with one software, and I don't like to mess with many fan control, RGB softwares
  9. Hey everyone, I'm knew to this forums and to RGB modding in general. I have a question. I started looking for RGB Stripes and found the Corsair RGB LED Lighting Pro Expansion Kit product. So I started researching.... My Board is a MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC and it features some corsair headers (See attachment). I was wondering if I need the Fan Hub or any Corsair lighting controller for it to work. Am I able to controll my RGB Stripes out of MSIs Dragon Center without a corsair lighting controller? I searched a little more in the manual of the mainboard, but I could only find instructions regarding to RGB fans... Cheers, thunfischbaum
  10. My msi mystic light takes control of my Dominator platinum RGB and i cant figure out how to either remove them from mystic light or how to make icue detect them i have tried uninstalling Dragon center and all other installations and removing the corsair dll's from mystic light with no good result
  11. So i'm trying to have a unified RGB system this upcoming build. Currently using the MSI Z390 Meg Ace mobo. It has a 5v, 12v and a Corsair headers. *(JRGB1, JRGB2, JRAINBOW, JCORSAIR1) My question is on that (Jcorsair1) slot on my mobo. Is there a way I can control multiple fans rpm and RGB in one software? I know you control Corsair RGB products through MSI Mystic but what about fan control? Is it possible to use 9 corsair fans in one build and have it all be synced via Mobo bios / software? I saw the HardwareCanucks*Vid ([ame] [/ame]) and I can see how he controls six here, so would having Msi use the Corsair header improve on this in any way?* I'm just not sure if it's possible to have mystic control 9 lights and maybe have the other msi software to control/monitor each fans rpm
  12. Hi everyone. This is my first post. I have 4 Corsair RGB LED strips connected to a Lighting Node Pro. The Lighting Node Pro is connected directly to one of my motherboard USB 2.0 headers. I am also using a Cooler Master MasterCase H500P (non-mesh) which has 2 200mm RGB fans up at the front. These fans are controlled by the JLED header on my motherboard. I also have an RGB GPU, the Zotac 1080TI Amp! Extreme, the lighting on which is controlled by Zotac's FireStorm utility. The FireStorm utility doesn't cause me any issues as it is only capable of controlling a GPU. Corsair's CUE doesn't give me any issues. The only issue I have is that once I set all of my lighting in my CUE software (K70 RGB Strafe, Void Pro Wireless RGB headset, ST100 RGB Headset stand) it works fine... Right up unitl I open or even start the MSI Gaming App to control my motherboard and 200mm fan LEDs. As soon as the program is opened or run, my Corsair strips immediately default to the Rainbow Wave pattern. I have force killed the MSI app, and the lights stay in the Rainbow Wave pattern. I have been into the CUE software and tried to set all my strips back to my preferred colours, but as soon as I leave the CUE app, the strips default back to Rainbow wave. The only way I seem to be able to re-enable my own colour and lighting schemes are by deleting them all within the CUE software, and re-doing them. Quite annoying. Nothing else in my system is affected. My keyboard, headset, headset stand, motherboard, and front fans all stay the colour that I set them as, but the strips refvert back to default and often refuse to do what I want them to without a full system shutdown. Once I have everything set up, it looks great, but I can't seem to open the MSI gaming app without it hijacking my CUE software for my RGB strips. I have hunted through the settings for both the CUE and MSI software but I can't find anything that seems to be wrong. Is there something that I am missing? A hidden setting somewhere? Surely I must be able to deny the MSI software access to my Corsair lights? I have repeatedly emailed MSI about this issue but they haven't replied. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :) EDIT: All of the firmware for all of my Corsair devices is up to date. I have just managed to get my corsair lights doing what I want them to do, but after 5 minutes they changed back to default. I haven't even started the MSI app this time.
  13. I have a ridiculous amount of Corsair products, especially that are going into the new ryzen 3950x build I am making. However, my one qualm is that iCue does not work with all my RGB. Corsair has top notch RGB lighting and quality products, but I would love to see you guys work with MSI Mystic Light and not just Aura Sync. The reason, I plan to put in the MSI godlike in my build and would like it to play nice with all my corsair RGB. I saw, in a much earlier thread, that the team was working on getting permitting and contracting done with MSI. Has there been any progress? Also I got an EKWB, (the MSI 2080 Sea Hawk EK) and would also love to see it work with Corsair. Can EKWB jump on this band wagon too? Finally, with all the RGB lighting your team releases, have you considered RGB fittings for hard tubing? Thermal take has a set, but I know Corsair could do it better and make it sync with all its software. Really looking forward to hearing back from the Corsair team on the questions I askes and what new updates you might be coming out with in the near future.
  14. Hi all. I've been racking my brain on this and can't find a clear explanation anywhere, either on Corsair's site, MSI's site or searching these forums so I hope someone can clarify for me. If this is a redundant thread, I apologize, feel free to point me to the existing one. I am planning a new build. The relevant parts are that I'm building with an MSI X570 Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard, an H150i and I also bought a 3 pack of LL 120mm RGB fans that come with a Lighting Node Pro and Fan Hub packaged in with them. My objective is simple (in theory): I want to be able to control the fan curves on the H150i and the LL fans and also control the RGB on the fans from the iCUE software or MSI Dragon Center. Obviously, a Commander Pro can do this. However, this particular motherboard has a JCORSAIR1 connector on the board, which if I'm interpreting page 42 of the manual correctly, looks like it will allow me to just use the existing Fan Hub and Lighting Node Pro and achieve the same things. The H150i I'm getting is not the RGB version so I believe I can control the fans curves on that by just plugging it straight into the motherboard's CPU fan header. Am I correct in this or if I want to be able to control all the fans and the RGB through either iCUE or MSI Dragon Center, would I still need a Commander Pro? Is there any particular advantage having a Commander Pro would add in this scenario? Thanks all!
  15. Hello everyone! We recently announced our new CORSAIR VENGEANCE 5180 Gaming PC featuring NVIDIA's RTX 2080 and an 8th-gen Intel Core i7-8700 processor. Tech Specs: Warranty: 2 years Dimensions: 398mm (L) x 276mm (W) x 351mm (H) CPU: Intel Core i7-8700 GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 8GB DRAM: 16GB CORSAIR VENGEANCE RGB PRO DDR4-2666 Storage: 480GB CORSAIR FORCE MP300 NVMe M.2 SSD, 2TB HDD Motherboard: B360 Micro-ATX Operating System: Windows 10 Home Advance 64-bit Power Supply: CORSAIR CX750 750W 80 PLUS Bronze External Connections: Front I/O panel includes 2x USB 3.1 Gen 1, Headphone, Microphone Product Page: https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Gaming-PCs/CORSAIR-VENGEANCE-5180-Gaming-PC/p/CS-9030001-NA Step Up Your Game Video: [ame] [/ame] Set Up Video: [ame] [/ame]
  16. Hi There, There have been numerous updates to the Z270i BIOS by MSI, including critical security patches. When can we expect to see an updated BIOS for the Bulldog? Thanks
  17. Hello. Want to start by saying thanks in advance for some answers! My Corsair One experience has been very good so far. Anyway, Original Corsair One Pro CS-9000007-NA owner here. 1. Is there a way to update the BIOS? Scanning via the stock Corsair One Utility/Live Update 6 app yields a "You have the current BIOS/Motherboard version. No need to update" or something similar, response. Motherboard: Z270I (MS-7A66) Current BIOS: 4.QF (dated 2/3/2017) Any way to get the current BIOS for the MSI Z270I board? If so, is it safe to go through the broad MSI Live Update app - or should one download and flash it? 2. Is it alright to update/continue updating Intel drivers like WiFi, Bluetooth, etc. to the newest versions?
  18. Hi! New Corsair One Pro Ti owner here (CS-9000009-NA). I'm still exploring it, with a few minor issues to resolve which is normal for any new system. So I have a question about the Live Update 6 which came preinstalled. I performed a scan and went with the Total Installer option to update the 6 items that showed as having newer (or no) versions on the system out of the box. Live Update proceeded to download the updates, and then apparently failed to install them. In the History tab, it shows the Status of the six updates as "Incompleted" - see IMG below. My question is how do I get Live Update 6 to work as expected? I've seen that it works for some MSI Mobo users, and would appreciate that experience with my Corsair One Pro as well. I realize one suggested "fix" for networking components has been to uninstall them from the system first, then update with Live Update 6. That seems counter-intuitive for a mature update system, finicky, and time wasting. Doesn't the app handle the total install process? Please note I'm hoping for solutions other than, "don't use it". Thanks! *Note: I also found a bug in the forum software. If you have 1 too many tags, then add an image...it doesn't convert the image link to the image itself in preview post until you remove the extra tag. Weird.
  19. Greetings, I was wondering if there is a way of controlling LED lighting? I would like to change default breathing to static light. I was trying Corsair LINK 4.9, without success.
  20. Hello all, I just put together one masterpiece, an MSI Enthusiast Gaming XPower Z270 Titanium main board inside an Air 740 case with an AX1200i however - it doesn't want to power on! :mad: Upon my first thoughts, I plugged the power in and flipped the switch. I could then see my main board controls were glowing red (there are power/reset/overclock/etc buttons directly on this board). I pressed the power button itself on the board (not the case) and then - nothing, a flash of all led and fans, nothing - total loop. Frustrated, I began to investigate these same issues on this forum and started the following tests: 1. Turned off the power switch on the PSU and unplugged it. 2. Waited a few seconds, plugged it back in and flipped the switch - same result. 3. Peformed step 1 again, then disconnected everything from the PSU and repeat of step 2. 4. Now for self test, just a whirl of the fan and no led. Again, same. 5. This time, I unplugged the PSU only and depressed the power button to ensure the PSU was totally discharged. 6. Now I again, plugged PSU back in and flipped switch to on. Attempted self-test with different result - a moderate fan began to whirl for a 2-3 seconds and green led would appear for same time then turn off. Now I'm thinking, why didn't that work the first time I did the self-test? :grrr: Baffled, I reconnect everything with still, no boot or should I say non-boot loop. I then thought that maybe my PSU was actually faulty (as there are tons of people with issues on these and the manual offers little troubleshooting). I then used the first sticky in troubleshooting a power supply on this forum. I once again, rinse and repeat of power cycle with nothing connected now but ATX cable and I disconnect it from main board. I then connect pins 15/16 with paper clip and this time connect nothing but fans (three Corsair SP120RGB via included controller) (only led power, as fans themselves go to the board). Now, I flip the switch and I get a different result. Upon this, I see no LED from the fans - my self test led goes green then solid red. If I am correct, does that mean this small load is functional? :confused: If so, I tried checking all my connections and they are solid to this board. It is a Corsair Air 740 case so I have a ton of room even with the H80i CPU cooler. I have not bothered to connect a GPU since I cannot get even the basics to boot. This is a new Core i7-7700k with Corsair 2x8GB DDR43200 RGB Vengeance installed in slots 2/4 as per the MSI manual. The main board is defaults so it shouldn't have any OC settings yet. As this is a completely new build, I'm not sure what to do from here. Would anyone assist me with some ideas of what I can do to check if the PSU is actually functioning as expected or do I need to do an RMA? How long is the RMA process if it is?
  21. Hello, I recently built a new PC, with a I7 7700k and using the H115i cooler. I've already built 3 PCs but never with water coolers, but the principle is the same ^^. My problem is that my I7 7700k is having heat spikes, like random +10 to 30°C spikes even with nothing special running (with 2% load). This caused the fan to go max speed for 2sec and then back to normal multiples per minute. I "fixed" that by setting a custom fan curve based on the water temp, but i'm not a huge fan of that since there will be a delay before water heats up. CPU package temp show around 45°C on idle (without counting spikes and with both radiator fans going ~1300rmp), and water temp is 30°C (with room temp of 27°C). Also I hear no sound diff between the silent and perf setting for the pump. I followed the manual for install, everything went well, placed the backplate, the the screws into the MB and through the backplate. The screws were not going fully through, the back plate could still be pulled back a bit (I guess thatis normal since the screws are not supposed to press against the MB). I placed the pump and the thumbscrews,by screwing them well. The pump doesn't seem to move if I try to do so Is that possible that the pump is not well placed or something? How to see if the heatsink is touching the CPU (with enough pressure)? Do you maybe need to apply your own thermal paste? (would be stupid since it's pre-applied and for a product in that price range you would expect the paste to be good enough) I'm really worried about that, I haven't done stress tests or anything for the moment. If you tell me this is normal, I'll deal with it but I don't want to damage the CPU nor the cooler. Thanks.
  22. I'm looking for an m-ATX motherboard to use for my Corsair kit, and I'm torn between Asus and MSI. While Asus has a more solid reputation, an MSI motherboard seems like it would go well with the Corsair/MSI GPU. Does anyone have a recommendation or advice? I'm planning on having a Ryzen CPU, and I'm looking at the MSI A320M BAZOOKA or the Asus Prime B350M-A/CSM.
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