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ICUE fan curve is not working anymore after the last update

Go to solution Solved by Psychedelicu,

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On 12/21/2023 at 7:27 PM, MDK_pt said:

Have they fixes this crap ? Or is it still a hit and miss ?


happy holidays

Even worse... After today's update (5.10.82) iCue crashes after minimizing it to tray or after trying to open its context menu.

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On 1/12/2024 at 9:23 PM, MDK_pt said:

how the hell is this not adressed yet ???

Corsair support responded that crash is normal and just suggested continue running the iCue "as administrator". LOL! :)))


Thank you for contacting Corsair Technical Support. I'm sorry for the delay and that iCUE is having this issue. Regarding the solution being resolved by running as Administrator, it is advised to do so to give the software ability to run without being impeded by any heightened security on the system. Since it is capable of controlling hardware for macros and lighting, some software can flag it to deactivate it.
If you have any additional issues after running it as Administrator, please let me know and I will check what else might be causing this issue.

Thank you for your patience,


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The latest version ICUE, when i switch to the 2nd profile the fans keep spinning from the 1st profile settings see youtube movie.



Asus ROG Strix X570-E Gaming Bios v5003
AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D @ 3.4 GHz
G.SKILL F4-3200C16D-32GFX
TUF Gaming VG249QM1A, G-sync ON
Windows 11 Home - 23H2, Build 22631.3155

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With version 5.12.97 same problem as in my previous post.

After a clean install Windows 11 23H2 i installed the latest version icue and i could switch between the 2 profiles after a reboot the same problem is back, when i select the Windows profile the fans spin correct when i select the Game profile the fans keep spinning with the wIndows profile fan speed.


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The above problem is random, i can boot into Windows 11 and start up ICUE, the standard profile is Windows profile and when i select Game profile the fans spin with that profile, a next boot into Windows 11 the fans spin with the default profile Windows profile and when i select the Game profile the fans stay spinning with the Windows profile.

Tested on a clean Windows 11 23H2 install. 

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On 3/16/2024 at 5:19 AM, Erwin08 said:

New video that switching profile doesnt work and the fan speeds keep spinning from previous profile. Random BUG.


I had the issue prior to more recent updates of iCUE not registering sensor temps and not adjusting the fan speed for custom curves. Like Erwin, iCUE is now not displaying fan speed changes when switching between profiles. In my observations, it is possible to set fan speeds higher and lower than what iCUE is displaying, with the change only being detected by listening to the fans themselves. Additionally, though the sensor is registering a change in temperature, the fans' speeds are not changed. When set to "Extreme", the fans audibly spin higher, but their displayed RPM is unchanged. When using the custom curve, iCUE displays the increase in temp for the sensor (in this case, my GPU), but does not display a corresponding increase in fan RPM. In testing, if there is a change in fan speed when using the custom curve with a GPU under load, there is no indication. Both via software and audibly, there is no change, and GPU temps are correspondingly higher than when tested with the software behaving normally. Restarting the application does not solve this issue, it requires the restart of my PC. After restarting, the only variable I've seen for when it will stop working correctly is time. It was tested satisfactory on 4/5 twice, AM and PM. As of the morning of the 6th, it's once again displaying incorrect values and failing to update the fan speed when the sensor is under load. iCUE is detecting the loaded components temperature correctly, but not updating the fans' speeds or the speed it is displaying them to be at. 

iCUE Being iCUE.jpg

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16 hours ago, NickNasty said:

When using the custom curve, iCUE displays the increase in temp for the sensor (in this case, my GPU)

As mentioned throughout the thread, the general problem is some type of disconnect between the CUE App and the CPUID service CUE uses to fetch non-native data like CPU or GPU temp. If you want to side step the issue, connect a 10K thermistor probe to the Temp port on any Commander Pro or XT. Place the sensor end near the rear exhaust, inside or outside the case. Exact positioning doesn’t matter but once you stick it somewhere leave it be while you learn the temp range. Set your case fan speeds from this.

It is a better metric to use than GPU temp and case internal temp is what case fans modulate. You don’t need the case fans to drop off during momentary changes in gpu load like when you pull up a map or game setting screen and the voltage drops off. The temp probe is a native data value for the controller and doesn’t need the service to obtain it. This means it also will run your curve even when CUE is not running. For AIO owners make sure you are using coolant temp and not CPU temp. Same mechanic and a better variable. 

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