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Can't setup fans & RAM patterns

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Hey guys,

I'm new to the Corsair ICUE software/product line and I need some help.

I'm running into the issue that I can't seem to set up a pattern for both the fans and the ram at the same time. I've set up a white mural that perfectly lights up all of my fans and my ram. I'm also able to go to the "Hardware lighting channel 1" section of my fans/ram and set up a pattern. However, I can't seem to set up both of them. As soon as I click away from the "Hardware lighting channel 1" tab the pattern stops. This means that I can only set up a pattern for my fans or my ram but not botch since I'm not able to click away from the "Hardware lighting channel 1" tab.

Does anybody have a solution for this?

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2 hours ago, joespn said:

As soon as I click away from the "Hardware lighting channel 1" tab the pattern stops.

Hardware Lighting is the behavior of a particular device when CUE is NOT running., like boot or shutdown and if you quit CUE from the task bar.  CUE will show you a general preview of the effect when in Hardware Mode so you have an idea of what it will look like when active, although it's not always 100% accurate.  Internal devices usually save the effect to the device memory as soon as you select it.  You can see this easily on the RAM with that slight delay between selecting and when the effect appears on the modules.


Murals is a global lighting system that covers over your programmed lighting patterns.  It ignores your present profile and covers over the lighting.  It can be useful for things like video or image lighting, but if you want better control over your devices use the "Lighting Effects" section of any device.  This is where you have the most options and the most control.  This is where you set up your effects in each profile for normal use.  

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Thank you so much for your reply :). I just figured it out! I thought you couldn't change the patterns on the murals but after choosing the rainbow mural preset and clicking on it in the lightning channel I was able to change it to another effect! 

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If you want a quick preset lighting to go to every device, use the “Lighting Link” effects at the bottom of the preset drop down menu. It will instantly create that effect on each device you have. You also can “hide” that effect on a specific device by clicking on the effect name on the left side. That turns it off and allows you to use a different effect on that specific device while keeping the global preset active everywhere else. Effects like rainbow wave, color wave, visor, etc used to be part of the Scenes/Murals menu too, but now only exist in this capacity. 

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