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Corsair Vengance DDR5 RGB not detectedMSI mobo


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I saw a lot of people talking about this but I cannot find a solution anywhere, I have 32 gb  5600mhz crosair vengance rgb ram the ddr5 one, paired with an msi mpg b650 edge wifi mobo, and a ryzen 7 7700x. and for the love of god i cannot in any way get any rgb software to detect my ram, tried uninstalling everything else except icue, the only installing the msi center thingy but it nothing. Id like to mention that i also have the H100i platinum watercooling and icue detects it nicely. I saw for asus motherboards that you have to enable the SPD write option in bios however there isnt such option on msi's boards. So please if anyone know how to fix this tell me, the ram just glows in the rainbow pattern and its driving me nuts, cannot sync it up to other rgb, cannot turn it off....

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