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What happened to the iCue Library

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Had to reinstall windows last night and thus, had to reinstall iCue.  When i went to download my previous theme from the iCue library, I get a 404 error where page no longer exists.  Has this page moved?

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Cached pages from search engines are likely going to be wrong for a bit.  Try to navigate there manually from the new website.  If you still get an error, post the link and the location/language from the bottom as well as the browser you are using.  But I think that may be the issue... I can't find it either.  

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On 5/23/2023 at 5:43 PM, Technobeard said:

Thanks guys, I've reported this.

Yeah I've noticed a few pages have been bugging out at random.  Sometimes they load, other times I have to close my browser and clear history then they load.  It's weird.  But I'm gonna chalk it up to a possible new system/coding they're using for the new site remap.  Which looks great btw.  I just wish it worked half the time.  Could be my Opera browser too.  But I dunno.  New site is a bit buggy.

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