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I have now bought for the second time the LS100 with extension kit 2x 450mm stripe (49" superultrawidescreen).
Setup so far without difficulty, all strips light up, all well and good.

Why..why is the video lighting mode so crappy?
Even a colorblind person could display colors better than the video mode. Colors are blurry, not detailed at all on what is happening in the game. When red is clearer than blue next to it, the whole stripe is much bluer than in red and the colors just get lost. It looks like you are just bringing the brightness back a bit from the monitor but not displaying the colors correctly.

This might work in games where you only see blatant colors over the whole monitor, but in other games that are a bit faster or even ARPGs it all looks totally stupid.

Why are self-build solutions better than the product of such a large global company? For so much money, this is really an absolutely modest product.

And that Coilwhining or whatever that sound is..why? I never heard that from any other LED Stripe. That is so bad.

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