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LS100 Starter Pack freezing after an hour of use

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So I got my LS100 Starter pack a year or so ago, and within about 6 months, they started having this issue where after about an hour of my PC being on, the LED strips would all just freeze into place and the Color  Wave I set up wouldn't work any more. Just an FYI, I have 2x250mm and 3x450mm strips which I have been assured works just fine. I gave up on them for a little while but recently decided to give them another shot considering I still would like to use them. But the same issue is occuring. I have tried checking for updates, forced a firmware update, I have disconnected the strips in a variety of places, it still all ends up the same way, with the pulse getting stuck and not moving unless I pull the power cable out of the LS100 and plug it back in.

Any solutions would be greatly accepted, I really like the look of my setup when their running, but when they freeze it looks kinda jank.

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We would recommend that you reach out to our support team directly by opening a ticket at https://help.corsair.com 

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