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  1. I have multiple Monitors but only one has the LS100 strips attached and I want to use the Video Lighting mode for this monitor. But when I enable the Video Lighting in iCUE the backlight have the colors from the wrong monitor. I can't find an option in iCUE to select the correct monitor for the LS100. iCUE uses the primary monitor of Windows but I don't want to change the primary monitor in windows because this affects the taskbar and other settings.
  2. Bought the LS100 starter kit about a month and a half ago, it's been working pretty great but this week it started flickering whenever I start my computer up, or bring it out of sleep mode. By this I mean some of the individual LEDs will be showing the correct color (I use the Wallpaper Engine integration so the colors do change), while the rest will be randomly flickering between every possible color. This can sometimes continue for several minutes, though it always does seem to sort itself out (for example, just now, when I woke my computer up they were flickering, but as I type this they just started working properly again.) In any case, I'm concerned that this problem may get worse. Is this a software bug causing the lights to work incorrectly? Or have my light strips actually become damaged? I should also note that this happens regardless of whether or not I'm using Wallpaper Engine. When using the default Rainbow Wave with iCUE, the flickering occurs as well.
  3. Moin. Der Versuch das LS100 einzurichten ist leider kläglich gescheitert. Das Problem: Ich habe ein 4 Monitor-Setting, iCue scheint aber nur 2 zu unterstützen. Blöderweise ist die Zuordnung von ICue eine ganz andere als die des Systems. System-Monitor 2 (der Linke) ist bei ICue die Nummer 1, System-Monitor 3 (der Rechte) ist bei ICue die Nummer 2. Auf denen funktioniert auch die Videobeleuchtung, also das Ambilight. Mein primärer Bildschirm (Systemmonitor1) ist bei ICue die Nummer3 oder 4. 3 und 4 kann ich zwar in der Liste auswählen, die LEDs reagieren aber nicht auf Änderungen. Die LEDs bleiben immer blau, egal was sich auf dem Bildschirm ändert. Hat jemand eine Idee wie ich die Zuordnung iCue-> Systemmonitor verändern kann?
  4. Right now there are dual monitor and single monitor modes, and they're exclusively set to: Single Mode 4 Strips in Video Mode Only one Monitor Dual Mode 6 Strips in Video Mode Only for Two Monitors I bought an extension kit to use on my superultrawide You can't use 6 strips on a single monitor, which really kills my new 32:9 ultrawide setup... Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm also having issues with Free Sync flickering input lag and incorrect colors, they also seem really dim compared to the regular Node Pro strips
  5. Issue 1. You see the pink part of the lighting strip? This will stay ON even when the computer is shutdown, iCue is NOT running (including corsair services) and hardware lighting RGB values are zero'd. Issue 2. Again about the same pink part, this pink part will stay set and not change color when using custom, preset or ambient profiles. What I have tried. - Completely uninstalled iCue carefully following this guide https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us/articles/360025166712-Perform-a-clean-reinstallation-of-the-Corsair-Utility-Engine-iCUE- - Trying different USB ports with the LS100 - Resetting BIOS Total disappointment. PICTURE https://imgur.com/ubO8YZg
  6. Good Day All, I'm coming into the forum to see if there is going to be any support for the Corsair LS100 on iCue for Mac in the future. Right now. I'm rocking 2 different setups (home and office) with Corsair and ElGato peripherals and have 2 sets of LS100 on both sets of monitors and would love to be able to control them as well instead of just having the rainbow effect. To all those in the forums there any plugin that anyone has found for this around? Thanks!
  7. * SDK enabled in iCue * LL120, K70 Mk2 and Glaive mouse sync with game * LS100 just turns off...no ambient lighting whatsoever. What's up with the LS100 not doing anything when playing Metro Exodus when every other RGB thing does. Will corsair help solving this issue?
  8. Hallo, ich habe ein Problem beim Einstellen der LS, via Videobeleuchtung. Meine Config bei einem 28" Monitor ist: 350 - 350-250 - 350 - 250-350 iCUE lässt mich dieses Setting nicht auswählen. Es ist gefixt auf 250-450-450-250-450 (Einzel-UW-Monitor), was jedoch zu lange ist und die einzelnen LEDs entsprechend falsch beleuchtet. Wenn ich die einzelnen LEDs auswähle und als Schnellbeleuchtungszone fixe, rechnet die Videobeleuchtung weiterhin falsch aus. Wenn ich die LS als externe Strips Einstelle, kann ich zwar die Längen und Reihenfolgen selbst wählen, jedoch geht dann die Videobeleuchtung nicht! Gibt es dafür eine Lösung?? iCUE ist v4.9.350, also bis dato aktuell.
  9. Hello All Does anyone know where I can get replacement magnets for the LS100 strips in the UK? Thanks James
  10. Good Day All, I'm coming into the forum to see if there is going to be any support for the Corsair LS100 on iCue for Mac in the future. Right now. I'm rocking 2 different setups (home and office) with Corsair and ElGato peripherals and have 2 sets of LS100 on both sets of monitors and would love to be able to control them as well instead of just having the rainbow effect. To all those in the forums there any plugin that anyone has found for this around? Thanks!
  11. Desde hace seis meses tengo un LS100 con un par de kits de expansión. Funcionaba bien, con algún que otro cuelgue que se solventaba reinstalando la aplicación. De golpe un día dejó de reproducir movimiento en el canal 1, los leds quedan fijos, salvo en la primera mitad de la primera tira, que si reproduce movimiento. Dejo aquí un vídeo que he subido para ver si me pueden ayudar. [ame]https://youtu.be/zDk2SEQmvJk[/ame] [ame=https://youtu.be/zDk2SEQmvJk]https://youtu.be/zDk2SEQmvJk[/ame] El botón de encendido y apagado de la controladora solo enciende y apaga el principio de esa primera tira que comento. Lo demás permanece encendido y estático. Cuando lo desenchufo de la corriente eléctrica y lo dejo 10 minutos sin corriente, al volverlo a conectar reproduce movimiento, hasta que enciendo el pc, en ese momento se queda fijo otra vez. He revisado conexiones, actualizado todo y demás.... Es un producto de bastante calidad y de bastante precio también, espero poder solucionarlo, y que todo fluya como debería . Saludos
  12. Can the Lighting Node CORE which came in my iCUE 220T RGB Airflow case support and control iCUE LS100 Smart Lighting Strip Expansions?
  13. I have an open support ticket going for this, but we haven't made much progress so I'm hoping to croudsource some help. Problem: New LS100 Starter Kit initially loads up in iCUE but then it freezes when I try to change lighting programs on it. Device gets stuck on a static lighting pattern and stops responding to iCUE app. Then the light strips either go dark entirely or return to the default Spiral Rainbow pattern and disappears from iCUE. Other facts: -LS100 works fine in iCUE on my old laptop - where it is immediately responsive to lighting changes in app. Laptop can correctly run all the lighting settings except for Video Lighting (old machine). So the problem is clearly with my newly built desktop. -A different Corsair device, the Lighting Node Pro works fine in iCUE on desktop (LED strips responding immediately to lighting profile changes). So the problem is just with the LS100 on my new desktop. -In order to troubleshoot this I have tried: Flashing motherboard BIOS to latest version. Updating all hardware drivers. Full OS reinstall including formatting hard drive so I have literally nothing installed but Windows and iCUE. Have submitted system log reports to Corsair Support team. -I have seen people mention conflicts with Nvidia and GSync, how do I explore this?
  14. Hello. :maldad:. In icue, the second channel does not appear. The LEDs that I connect to the first channel, 2 strips of 250 and four of 350 do not respond either. The button to turn the lighting on and off also stopped working. My experience was positive, everything worked perfectly. Yesterday everything began to fail. Uninstalling ICUE does not fix anything. What I can do? Hola. Mi LS100 Starter Kit muestra un solo canal de iluminación. En icue, no aparece el segundo canal. Los leds que conecto al primer canal, 2 franjas de 250 y cuatro de 350 tampoco responden. El botón para encender y apagar la iluminación también dejó de funcionar. Mi experiencia era positiva, todo funcionaba perfecto. Ayer empezó a fallar todo. Desinstalar ICUE no soluciona nada. Que puedo hacer?
  15. Hi, As soon as I activate "Video Lightning" while playing Assassin's Creed Valhalla, the G-Sync function is disabled and I loose roughly 10-15fps. Activating "static lighting" for example in iCUE reactivate G-Sync and FPS goes back to normal. I already excluded iCUE.exe from using G-Sync in the Nvidia control panel I have updated latest Icue 3.35.125 I have LS100 latest firmware 0.9.16 I am running the game in full screen My W10(64) install is quite fresh and clean (less than 6months) And sure I already spotted multiple thread about this issue on the Forum but so far there is no thread with a proper answer/work arround for this problem. Hope someone could help Thanks for the feedback BR++ Chris
  16. Hello all, I have an ICUE LS100 Smart Lighting Strip and have already created several profiles, but I can't manage to change them in any way except via the software. I would like to have a hotkey to call up a corresponding profile, but I cannot find the "Actions" tab to create a hotkey in ICUE. Does this not work with the LS100 or only with Corsair keyboards? Are there any other possibilities/suggestions to call up the profiles? Thank you very much.
  17. Hi all, i have a problem with my ambilight.. it works perfectly but when i go to netflix (app or website) it stops as soon as i start watching. Now my friend has the LS100 starter kit and for him it works on the web-netflix. but i just cant make it work. is it a bug on my part or maybe on corsair ICUE? (btw im running LS100 starter pack+LT100 starter pack)
  18. Hello guys, I have built a new pc with a ryzen 5 3600 and a asus rtx 3070. Also i have the corsair commander pro, light node pro, and several light strips along with rgb corsair fans in the case. Its all working properly. Now i installed the Ls 100 starter kit behind my display and as i was setting it up i noticed that if i turn the ambient light mode on, the ambient light would work but all other lights in the pc begin to lag on their light effects and in the corsair software they are disconnecting and reconnecting all the time. Also the fan control over my commander pro is doing things it shouldnt do when that happens. Now if i just activate another light effect on the ls100 it works all fine. I bought the ls100 exclusively for the ambient light so anyone know how i can fix it? I checked and everything of the Corsair Items and software is on the latest software update. Also my gpu is on the latest driver.
  19. Good day, Since 1-2 weeek I got issues with my LS100 LED stripes. I bought the starter Kit and the 450mm expansion kit. I plugged eveything in and it worked well, but now the stripes started to flicker. I've added photos of iCUE and the strips so you can see that I've set a static color. I get everything but the color I selected. Does anyone know if its a software or hardware problem?
  20. Sure I might be outing myself as a weeb here, but I noticed the video lighting mode for the LS100 does not work with crunchyroll when in fullscreen mode. The lights just turn completely off or stay a static white rarely. It seems to do the same thing for Netflix in fullscreen mode. YouTube fullscreen works fine as well as games of course. Is there any way I can fix this or is this a bug?
  21. I've just finished installing the LS100 starter kit on my Asus monitor. Bit fiddly to get everything mounted but I'm quite happy with how it turned out. Anyways, I jumped into Horizon: Zero Dawn with the video lighting effect turned on (which is the reason I bought the LS100 in the first place). I usually get between 80-100FPS in that game at 1440p, with everything set to Ultra on my RTX 3070. However, when playing with video lighting enabled, my FPS hovers around 60-70 instead. I know, still technically playable, but my monitor is 165Hz so the drop is very noticeable. If I alt tab out and switch to a different lighting mode (e.g static), my FPS goes back to normal. I've tried out a couple of other games, such as The Outer Worlds and NieR: Automata, but they don't seem to be having the same obvious performance issues as Horizon. I don't seem to be having the same CPU usage issues that others are experiencing - iCue sits around 1-2% of use on my i7-10700K. G-Sync appears to be working normally too. This is quite disappointing as video lighting really is a nice effect to have and is the main reason I got the LS100. Hoping someone knows a way to work around this?
  22. I just outfitted my monitor with an LS100 starter kit. When I plug in the power, everything works as expected and the built-in hardware lighting is a really nice spiral rainbow effect. The same kind of spiral rainbow I get on my K70 keyboard, etc. But once the iCue software launches, there is no way to replicate this spiral rainbow. "Rainbow Wave" appears to work correctly, with a wave of color moving from one side to the other. "Rainbow" also works correctly shifting from one color to another. But "Spiral Rainbow" does not give the same effect as the built-in hardware effect. In fact it is not a spiral at all. It just shifts all the colors to the same color at the same time in a rapid fashion. The timing of the color change is very much like the spiral timing, but all lights on all 4 strips are the same color at any given time. Visor, Rain, and all other lighting modes appear to work just fine for LS100. The Spiral Rainbow works for all other peripherals. It does not work for LS100 whether I am using Link Lighting or individual lighting. All firmwares are up to date. If I shut down the iCue software, the LS100 smart controller will again revert to the default, proper Spiral Rainbow effect, which IMHO is one of the best effects with this kit and I desperately want it to work with the iCue software. It's the reason I paid $100 for this kit. Any help or feedback would be appreciated.
  23. Hi, I have Multiple Kits of the LS100, and a set of LT100. I cant get the video lighting to work. i have 2 1080p Monitors and a 1440p Main monitor. They all show up in icue, but when set to video lighting they do absolutely nothing. I checked the logs and it appears the screen capture is not working, does anyone have any solutions. Ive tried running as admin, fresh reinstall etc but nothing works. This is the error i get in the logs " 2020-10-10T14:51:29 I cue.screen_capture.impl_win32: Restarting screen capture because ScreenCapture::GetLastError() is: ScreenCapture::ErrorCode("InvalidArg") 2020-10-10T14:51:29 C cue.screen_capture.impl_win32: Failed to start screen capture routine 2020-10-10T14:51:31 I cue.screen_capture.impl_win32: Restarting screen capture because ScreenCapture::GetLastError() is: ScreenCapture::ErrorCode("InvalidArg") 2020-10-10T14:51:31 C cue.screen_capture.impl_win32: Failed to start screen capture routine 2020-10-10T14:51:32 I cue.screen_capture.impl_win32: Restarting screen capture because ScreenCapture::GetLastError() is: ScreenCapture::ErrorCode("InvalidArg") 2020-10-10T14:51:32 C cue.screen_capture.impl_win32: Failed to start screen capture routine " log.zip
  24. Hi, Is there any way I would be able to power the LS100 off of usb connector? I bought one and it has a 5v power plug, and I was thinking I could find an adapter that would be smaller and run off of usb.
  25. Does anyone happen to know what causes the video lighting mode to crash or stop responding to color changes when using the LS100 light strips? Yesterday it stopped changing colors all morning, at seemingly random intervals of anywhere from a few minutes to an hour. Today I have been using my computer in the exact same capacity with the exact same applications, and it hasn't stopped working once. Aside from a few other issues with certain modes, etc, the light strips are of high quality and are working fairly well in my configuration (still getting that darn USB disconnect sound upon every Windows boot up) but if possible I would like to know when to use or not bother using video lighting.
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