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I was desperately trying to find old XR5 rad to go with my XR7, with sails and with Corsair written is silver font. And I thought I found one. Serial number matched and pictures in the website matched. 

Today the item arrived, but it's not the Yellow box, it's the light green one, like the NEO. Serial numbers match the old rad but the picture on the back has just the sails logo. 


What's inside this box ? 


I understand that to many this might seem silly, but I really want the one with logo and the name written on it, if this is something else, I'd rather return it and try to find the original one.


Has there been a moment when you manufactured the boxes without NEO written on the box, with old serial numbers and with new NEO logo stamped on it ?






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That box looks fairly yellow to me, but I suspect we are talking semantics rather than what is at issue.  So if I understand correctly, you are looking for an XR5 360mm that has ONLY the sails logo on the side profile and not the "Corsair + sails" logo?  Is there a reason not to trust the box picture?  If this is what you are after, then I suppose finding other boxes that do show the Corsair + Sails would suggest they do differentiate the packaging along with the product inside.  Unfortunately, most vendor sites don't show packaging.  I did find one picture, in "old yellow" vs the neon yellow and it does have the Corsair + Sails on the outside.



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Yea bro, I am after that one that you have there.  And the picture of the item was the one like yours when I ordered it. And the serial number is the same. 

But what I got is... I don't even know what it is, that's why I'm here. 😅

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I am assuming you don't want to open it if it affects your return ability?  I am not sure where you are located, but typically that is not a block to return.  


I also think it is unlikely you are going to get a 100% lock guarantee from anyone that what is in that box is a Sails logo only.  I could understand if they left the original product images on all the boxes even after the change.  But since we've found an alternate box design, it does suggest there was an attempt to differentiate and that's probably the best we can do on the user end.  

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conveniently enough, the Corsair lettering, or the sail logo do not alter the cooling capacity of the radiator 😛

let's also hope your loop layout does not end up with an upside down branding because it's quite the eyesore. If that happens, you'd be quite happy to only have the sails ^^

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