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New build water cooling XC7 inlet or outlet mix up

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Hi All,

Just tried doing my first ever water cooling system. Used the Corsair Hydro X Series iCUE XH305i RGB PRO.

Now I've completed the pipe install and ran the coolant (no leaks), then I find my issue.

I've ran the outlet from the pump to the outlet on the XC7, not the inlet. During water leak test I did notice a nice flow until all the air was out.

Question. Do I need to change the config so the pump goes from Outlet to Inlet on XC7?

Currently my loop goes:

Pump outlet to XC7 outlet
XC7 inlet to Radiator
Radiator to pump inlet

Is my config ok or should I redo my XC7

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the waterblock is a tiny bit less efficient in reverse flow, but the performance hit is really small, maybe a degree or so.

It's up to you to see if you want to redo the connexions, but it's not a big deal if you use it in reverse flow.

If you plan to add a radiator and a GPU block in the future, you can wait to get there to correct the flow direction.

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It will not block the flow but it's not the intended design either.  Curious if you have an original XC7 or a XC7 "Pro" in the kit.  They do have slightly different flow designs. 


You are not bound to the original inlet/outlet sides.  If you really need your tubes in a certain position but prefer to reverse the inlet/outlet ports, it's easy to switch the flow in the block but obviously requires you take it off.  The manual shows it and there is probably a video out there as well, but undo the screws on the cold plate, carefully lift it off, and then flip the guided insert so the "arrow" now points the other way.  Newer XC7s all have the jet plate molded into the plastic flow guide, but just in case watch out for it.  On the original it was a paper thin piece of plastic and dropping results in crawling on the floor as if you are looking for a contact lens.  

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