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RGB Extension cables?


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Does Corsair--or anyone for that matter--make RGB extension cables?  I've scoured the web site and don't find any. The Corsair RGB cables and connectors appear to be proprietary and "standard" RGB cables won't work.

4-pin fan extension cables are easy to find, but I can't find 4-pin RGB extensions anywhere. I'm trying to wrap up my new build but can't quite get my Commander Core XT, which connects my front and side panel fans, in the case with all cables connected. It doesn't seem to matter whether I route the front fan's cables over the top or on the bottom, they're just about 8-10 inches short of reaching the CC XT. I can almost make it work if I just leave the CC XT loose on the bottom of the case, but it's still slightly short.

My PSU cabling is wide, flat, and STIFF, making the cabling a real chore. I'd try to substitute round and more flexible cables, but this PSU is a Thermaltake Toughpower 1200 W ATX 3.0, and it appears the pin assignments are different than regular ATX.

I appreciate any leads in locating some of these extension cables.

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As Emily Latella said...."Never Mind..."  I fiddled with my fan cables, rerouted the front fans over the top--except for the bottom fan which I routed to the bottom, flipped the side fans to make the cables closer to the MB tray, and was able to get the Commander Core XT mounted on the back of the MB accessory tray. I only had to use one fan extension cable to get all the connections made. Still a mess of wires, but that's what the back-side door on the 5000X is for.  Now, if only my pre-ordered Samsung 990 Pro M.2's would ship...

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1 hour ago, LJHCPA said:

Now, if only my pre-ordered Samsung 990 Pro M.2's would ship...

Hopefully this is not a day of disappointment.  Some retailers with the wrong release date.


Corsair does not sell RGB extensions, although a few controllers come with some in the package.  A lot of us have bought from here and below is a post tips on how to make your own if preferred.  


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Hello all, this is my first post on the forums. New member but longtime lurker and avid Corsair user with a bit of a background in engineering.

 In reading the linked post, which is fantastic btw and gave me the necessary information to order the correct parts so I can make my own adapters and extension cables, I was quite impressed with the thoroughness of DevBiker who I assume has dismantled some of the Corsair iCue devices (in the name of science, of course)

Thanks for an excellent description DevBiker, well written for sure.

I am however, needing a slight bit of clarification on one matter however, when making an adapter cable that goes from the 4 pin Corsair (plugged into commander core pro) to a 3 pin ARGB where pin 3 is left empty, if I'm reading correctly by jumping pins 2 and 3 at the Corsair locking molex plug I can achieve data synchronization for the following commander core pro outputs?

Thanks in advance for the clarification.

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With the Commander Core, you don't need to jump pin 2 and 3 because each 4-pin port is independent.

You do need to do it for the Lighting Node Core and RGB Fan LED Hub because the 4-pin ports are connected in series. Jumping those pins allows for the data signal to be duplicated to the next device. Not doing so would stop the signal wherever the adapter happened to be, which would be bad.

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Thanks DevBiker, much appreciated. 

I had picked up the lighting node pro (3 pin connection) that comes with an RGB hub that can be connected which is 4 pin.

Also with some fans I recently bought for a build I'm getting ready to start had  a 6 port 4 pin RGB hub included that just goes to SATA and a USB 2.0 header.

What got me started on this is I have far more ports than I have Corsair strips and have plenty of room for my fans with room to spare for add ons. So going through my inventory of ARGB strips I keep on hand for other projects got me to looking into utilizing some of the leftover ports to add some flair to the fresh build.

I appreciate the clarification on jumping the pins.  Figured I'd rather ask than ruin any of my controllers inadvertently.


When you say not jumping them would be bad, would that be frying the controller bad or just termination of data sync at the last port used?

Thanks again and enjoy your weekend!




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Extensions done, ready for the next two builds I have planned.

Pins 2 and 3 jumped to ensure data continuity.

Now just waiting for my 4p black ribbon wire to arrive from Amazon and then I can start soldering up some custom length ARGB strips that will be able to plug directly in to the hubs.  I prefer to solder them vs splicing into the wiring that comes pre-attached as I have learned over the years that it's best to have a direct contact and avoid splicing as every splice is a potential point of failure. Plus it keeps everything nice and clean in appearance.

DevBiker, thanks again for your writeup on diy extensions and your tip on jumping the correct pins. 



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