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Can anyone help with my h100i cooler?

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I noticed my temps have been a little higher lately. Not abnormal but higher. I remember they used to be like 20-30 degrees idle when I first got it, and now i'm idling at about 40-50 degrees, and under load i'm at about 60-70 degrees which again I know is normal but idle temps seem a bit high.


My pump is set to "extreme" and is making a whining noise? It sounds like coil whine, and is only noticeable really when set to extreme.

I also noticed that one tube (hose) vibrates quite noticeably when you touch it, whereas the other tube is very close to still/no vibration. 

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10 hours ago, libbyidk said:

and now i'm idling at about 40-50 degrees

In CUE, take a look at the H100i Temp.  This is coolant temperature and the best indicator of AIO functionality.  Typically you will idle at the same temperature as the inside of the case or approximately 4-7C above room temp when the PC has warmed up.  If you idle at 40-50C and your H100i Temp is 40-50C, then the flow path is likely blocked or heavily restricted in some section preventing the liquid from circulating as fast as it should.  This causes the liquid to linger in the CPU block and creates higher than expected CPU temps.  This is how most AIO no-maintenance units end rather than some mechanical blow out.  


Vibration can be a concern for reasons aside from noise, but it's not an indicator of functionality.  I can be loud and cool.  However, it could be the result of the blockage and backpressure, but the temp stuff above is far easier to demonstrate.


Which "H100i" do you have?  H100i?  H100i v2 or GTX?  H100i Pro?  H100i Platinum or XT?

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What CPU and what exact H100i?

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