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Vengeance a7200 HDD Install

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I just got my Vengeance a7200 desktop. With the default storage of a single 1TB SSD, I pretty much used that in about 8-9 games. Luckily I have a 8TB HDD that had plenty of space, so I go to install it, and I don't see any connectors for it. Am I overlooking or do I need to buy some?

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20 hours ago, Corsair Fer said:

Do you mean a SATA power and a data connector?  If data, yes, you will need to buy the data cable.

Is the Data cable the Power cable or are they 2 separate cables?


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there's 2 cables. the power cable going from the PSU to your drive (the long L shaped connector), and the data cable going from the drive to the motherboard (the shorter L shaped connector.

SATA power should already be in the case.

for SATA data you'll need one like those 


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Let me jump on here please. I also have the same new pc and I want to add 2 4TB Hdd's. Where on the moterboard do I plug them in. I'm sure this will be a great pc when I finally get it powered up but I find it difficult with no owners manual and not enough info to figure out how to do it. Are there 2 SATA power cables provided or do I need to buy one. Thanks for the help.

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