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RGB Virtuoso USB no longer working, flashing red with warning sign on iCue

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6 Months ago this issue occurred and I haven't had the chance to fix it. I upgraded iCue to the latest version by downloading the app from the site. The USB is flashing red and in iCue the USB shows up but with a red triangle. No idea what to do. 

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Why the firmware version for Virtuoso SE nearly same with Virtuoso SE Wireless Receiver firmware?

Headset current firmware v.0.17.149 -> new firmware update version v.

Is it obvious the version is totally different but nearly same with Virtuoso SE Wireless Receiver firmware.

Can Explain?

Already sent the ticket. now waiting for the response, My headset now working on USB only. Wireless totally broken after the receiver update. I just got my Virtuoso today. first day use, already crap. damn.

Tried to update the headset software. after press skip, icue crashed. update failed.

Screenshot 2022-04-24 011934.png

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