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Do Not Buy the Corsair Virtuoso Headphones.

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In 2021 I decided to get these headphones because the wireless asset and the premium build would make a fantastic headset. However, ever since Corsair decided to update the software the headphones have been one problem after another. First, the headphones stopped connecting to the dongle after the update to version 5.7.225. So I had to use them with the wire, no big deal right? However I was unable to get adequate help from Corsair to get my headphones (which i paid around $180 if not more for) to work wirelessly. However, The final straw came within the last month. I treat my headphones carefully, however within the last month 2 plastic pieces that connect the ear cup to the headphones themselves broke for no reason. I didn't try to force it to connect or anything and the pieces still broke off, as evidence the the flimsy one prong connection I have right now. I love Corsair and their products, but like I said this situation is extremely frustrating. I tried to reach out to support member of a forum, however I was unsuccessful. The update itself is impossible to find online. I strongly urge you if you are considering buying a headset from corsair, please reconsider. I am Extremely unhappy and if corsair could add a better support team then I think it would benefit them astronomically.

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