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Help with 305 water cooling


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I got the water cooling kit installed and started up the computer. everything was working all fans, pump, lighting. Soon as i installed ICUE nothing worked. Went into ICUE and got the cpu water block and pump lighting working. I tried to set the fans and only one is lighting up. im prolly doing something dumb but any help is appreciated to get the other fans lite up. 

thank you

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What RGB controller are you utilize to power and control the RGB?

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Make sure you have your fan name properly set in “Lighting Setup” for the fan RGB controller. Some are misleading and the wrong name generates the wrong number of LEDs and UI picture in lighting effects. That kit has come in several fan variants over time. 

SP-RGB - You don’t have these old 4 LED fans. 

ML-Pro RGB - this is only for the 4 LED version

8 LED series fan - SP-Pro, SP-Elite, ML-Elite

LL (16 LEDs) and QL double sided (34 LEDs) are more obvious. 

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