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Memory RGB Still on in Sleep Mode


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Looking for some assistance in settings for the Vengeance RGB Pro memory concerning the RGB.

I am using the iCUE software (3.38.88) to control all of the settings for the correct color to display for everything in my computer build while it is on:

(3) LL120 & (4) LL140 Fans, CPU Water Block, GPU Water Block, Pump/Reservoir and (4) Memory Sticks. 

The issue is that when I put the computer to sleep, everything goes off, EXCEPT the Memory.  It is still stays lit in the color I have it set for.  It of course does go off if I do a shutdown vs. sleep.

What do I need to do to get the RGB to shut off when the computer is put to sleep?  Is it even possible? 

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

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Yes ... set the "Hardware Lighting" for the RAM to solid black.

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Thank you for your answer but for the next silly question.....

Where is that done?  I have looked at everything I can in the software and do not see what you are referring to.  I am new to this so it may seem simple to you for a little more confusing to me.  Thanks for your help and understanding !

FYI, I am using the older iCUE software (3.38.88) because version 4 is giving me an error (unknown) when I try to load it.  I have an older Intel i7-9700K on a Gigibyte Aorus z390 ultra motherboard (overclocked to 4.9 Ghz) with a Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080Ti Fe which is all water cooled.  This is why I have all of the Corsair hardware for the cooling system & Venggeance Pro 64 Gb memory which all has RGB lighting that iCUE is controlling.


Thanks again.

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CUE 3 displayed that setting in a different way. Go to the RAM device -> settings. Uncheck the box that says “enable full software control”. You are now in ‘hardware mode’. 

When you select a new lighting effect, you’ll notice it takes 1-2 seconds to display on the actual modules. The pattern is being written to each RAM stick. Pick your static black 0,0,0. Then go back an re-enable full software control. Your static black has disappeared, but is still saved to the RAM. You can now choose any software mode lighting you want. This will be active when cue is running. When you quit CUE or enter a non-OS state, the static black automatically will be displayed. 

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@John2624 - It's all there, just click on the RAM from ICUE's home screen and select the following...

  • "Hardware Lighting" - when ICUE isn't driving the lighting for the device (hardware control). Set what you want your RAM to display when your PC is sleeping or when ICUE isn't running.
  • "Lighting Effects" - ICUE is controlling the magic (software control).
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Same question as my fellow above. Where is the "Hardware Lightning" setting in v.5.14.93? When I click on the RAM in the ICUE's home screen I see this below, no Hardware Lightning. Thanks!


Screenshot 2024-05-17 203403.png

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Hardware Mode has been renamed to "Device Memory Mode" and is a toggle on/off state to access it, as of CUE 5.14.


This thread is two plus years old and there are current threads discussing the issues with CUE 5.14.  One of them is CUE does not drop into DMM (hardware mode) for multiple devices when entering S3 sleep.  A possible workaround is to manually enable DMM mode (for each non-compliant device)  prior to entering Sleep.  However, the more I tinker with this for people with various hardware configurations, the more I think the original advice applies.


1) Don't use S3 Sleep unless you really need to.  It causes problems for multiple programs, including Microsoft's own tools.

2) If you use it anyway, best practice is to quit CUE from the system tray prior to entering sleep, then relaunch it after wake.  That should avoid any of the inevitable complications that occur when trying to load if back into operation from the RAM image.  

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Hi c-attack,

Not following this.

There should be some simple way to prevent the RGB from staying on during sleep mode like in previous versions of ICUE.  It was not an issue before.

I toggled this DMM mode and deleted any lighting affects from it but the thing still stays on during sleep.

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On 5/17/2024 at 6:05 PM, c-attack said:

One of them is CUE does not drop into DMM (hardware mode) for multiple devices when entering S3 sleep

There is a bug in 5.14 that prevents CUE from letting go of control when you enter sleep. You can set 0,0,0 static, but you’ll need to quit CUE so it properly drops into hardware/DMM prior to entering S3. While this is a bug and it should release to hardware mode anyway, if you repeatedly use sleep mode best practice is to quit CUE before entering sleep. Other issues occur when trying to load all the services back into operation instantly on wake. 

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