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H100i Elite Flashing Red on Startup

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I just recently purchased a H100i Elite for my system after I upgraded my CPU to a 5800x and my motherboard to a Prime x570-P. After installing the AIO and getting the system up and running, the AIO starts to flash red and the fans spin at max speed. Going into ICUE I get a "Pump Failure" notification. I've had the tach cable plugged into the CPU_FAN header and the AIO_PUMP header in the motherboard and it's the same problem. I've even tried reinstalling ICUE, but nothing seems to work.

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You can't do much on your own. Please contact support, if necessary the commander core also has a problem

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The “internal”CUE software notification comes from the device and program and is different from the BIOS cpu boot error you get when nothing is on CPU fan. Even if you snipped off the tachometer wire cue should not generate this unless there is some type of power disturbance. 

Two things you can try. 1) Make sure to dismiss the error in CUE. Emergency notifications sometimes stay active until acknowledged. 2) Do a full shutdown, flip the PSU off, and then disconnect and reconnect the wide mini-24 pin power cable from pump to Commander Core. Make sure it’s seated correctly. 

If you are still getting errors on power on, then something is wrong and as suggested above contact Corsair Support. It is likely to be a hardware issue and not something user correctable. 

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