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I had a Corsair MP510 480 GB (CSSD-F480GBMP510) die on me on July 10, 2021. I raised a service request and shipped my drive to Kaizen Infoserve (which handles RMA for Corsair in India) on July 15. (RMA# BLR-14072021-9180).

I received a replacement on July 24, but after plugging it in, the benchmark numbers were worse than my previous drive. On closer inspection, I found that I had received a different model (CSSD-F480GBMP510B) which was inferior on all counts than the non-B model that I had initially purchased. When I raised this on the RMA email thread (Support Request # 2004471043), they told me to ship the drive that I had received back to them. I shipped the replacement drive on August 12, and they confirmed on August 15 that they had received the drive, after which they asked me if I would be okay with a CSSD-F960GBMP510B/RF2 as a replacement.

After spending some time on the internet, I figured out that the RF2 might mean refurbished, and I emailed them to let them know that I did not want a refurbished product, especially an SSD that has limited write endurance. Given that a brand new MP510 failed for no reason with only 6 TB written to it (when the drive had an endurance of 800 TBW), I did not want to roll the dice on a refurbished product. I mentioned that if a refurbished product was the best they could do, I'd rather take a refund. I added that I was open to taking a 960 GB MP510B (new) or a 500 GB MP600 (new), since both of them would offer similar performance to my original drive.

It has been a week since then, and I am yet to receive any email correspondence regarding my RMA status, or a replacement drive. I have sent them multiple emails on the thread, but I am yet to get a response. Can somebody help me?

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