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Crystal 680X w/ 5x 140MM QL, 3 120mm, H115i setup help

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Hey guys, I'm trying to wire 8 QL fans in my 680X, 5 140mm (two on the radiator, two bottom, one rear exhaust) and three 120mm (front of case), as well as 4 RGB Pro strips.

If I've got this right, I can connect all eight fans with the special RGB fan hub splitter into two fan hubs (already got this splitter from eBay), and then I need some PWM Y fan splitters to connect two sets of fans, so all eight can fit on the commander pro? Never used fan splitters, I don't know if I need a specific type or what, I'm also not entirely sure which ones I would need to populate where to get my lighting synced correctly.


I'm trying to follow the wiring setup in the 1000D case example since its the closest thing I've been able to find to what I'm trying to do. So, I guess my question is do I need a specific kind of PWM fan splitters, and should I be linking them to specific ones? The diagram for the 1000D doesn't exactly account for fans that aren't side by side, so I'm not entirely sure whats gonna happen with the lighting when I try and split 5 140mm and 3 120mm fans into two hubs.


If anyone has done anything like this and has any sort of insight, it would be greatly appreciated. I've been looking at Zotty's compilation of the RGB ecosystem and the fan setups and the like, but I still have doubts about what I'm trying to accomplish.


Also if anyone could tell me if there's a specific brand of PWM fan splitters to use for this, or Corsair fans specifically, it would be appreciated.


https://imgur.com/2zqD6EH <----- the 1000D wiring example I'm trying to translate into a 680X

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The Commander Pro can handle 8 PWM fans with splitters. There generally is not an issue with dual PWM (4+3) wires, but we suggest you avoid triples or more. Besides current considerations, the behavior can be erratic.


However, I have more concerns about the RGB side of things. While you can probably get away with 8 fans on RGB hub with ML/HD types fans, any combination of 8 LL/QL is going to be a problem. At full white you will likely exceed the current limitation. Best case scenario is they go dim, but obviously it could be worse. You are going to need to run two RGB channels/hubs for the 8. This splits them into 2 groups in 4+4, 5+3, or 6+2 configurations. Each group acts like a separate entity, so you need to plan with that in mind. Sequential lighting effects will run from fan 1-X on that controller only, not 1-8 globally. When I ran this case with the same 8 fan issue, I never really decided on an ideal split. Each leaves a bit to be desired. The best solution likely revolves around your viewing angle. Some fans will be more prominent than others and you may want them on the same circuit.

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