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Icue is totally broken

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I have serious problems with the corsair icue software. My fans connected via node core don't work properly. I have 3 sp 120 mm fans and if I try to set them up in icue they just won't light up and I can't control them but if choose QL RGB fans it works.


My second problem is my harpoon rgb pro wireless mouse it shows up in icue but I can't change an color even the color in the preview window does not change. If I choose a color via scenes it workes sometimes.


I do not know anymore what to try out pleas help me!

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Controller: Lighting Node Core


Fans - SP _____? Are these the SP-Elite fans from the case? If so, make sure you choose "8 LED fan" in the Lighting Set-up. The SP-Elite, SP-Pro, and ML-Elite are all 8 LED center hub fans. The "SP-RGB" is the original RGB fan with 4 LEDs and is an odd duck compared to everything else. If you were to select SP-RGB x 3, it would only generate 12 LEDs, covering the first 1.5 fans (8-8-8).


I am not sure on the Harpoon. You might need to post that one in the mice/KB section.

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