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Thoughts on the Hydro X kit from Corsair?

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Hi guys, watercooling newbie here.


I got a Lian Li O11 D on air and AIO right now with almost everything I want from it in terms of specs. I'll get a PCIe 4 SSD soon and I'm waiting for a new GPU (hopefully something high end from AMD later this year).


After that, I'm thinking the next logical step would be to go custom loop. Thing is, I've never done a custom loop until now so I got to researching into what I should use. One thing I do know is that I like sticking with one brand (esp for RGB control), so I was pretty hyped when I saw the new Corsair Hydro X lineup, since I already have some stuff from them (keyboard, mouse, PSU, fans, commander pro, RAMs).


However, I know they're new to the custom loop landscape and I couldn't really find much on the reviews side, so I'm a bit hesitant. What are your thoughts on their lineup? How do they compare to EK and other big names? Also, what else do you recommend?


Your comments are highly appreciated. Cheers!

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I guess wait to see if your particular model of GPU will have a corsair block made for it. that alone will do the choice for you.

quality and looks aside, that's the main difference between corsair and water cooling companies to me. the competition supports a lot more models, simply because it costs a lot to develop a waterblock, and that's bad value for big companies.. to invest so much to support hundreds of models, with low volumes in what is still a niche market.


But even if they don't make one you can still build a full hydroX loop with another brand's GPU block.

And you're not stuck if you later decide to switch. Corsair pumps and waterblocks come with standard ARGB adapters, and iCUE is not required to control the loop.

So all in all, you don't take much risks

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I wanted the XD3 (funny little square pump/rez combo) because it fit my case better than any other brand but I have other brand parts so don't really stress over branding unless you just have to have all the logos lined up and matching. The fittings are standardized on G1/4 so just find each part that works best for you.
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