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Corsair Vengeance 1300 and Void Pro USB Surround Ear Pads

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Hi there,


I currently own a Corsair Vengeance 1300 and the Void Pro USB Surround and up until very recently I still had the Vengeance 2000.


I noticed a while back that there was some black matter shedding and falling inside my ears and it turned out to be the faux leather cover of the 2000.


Sadly, in trying to clean them up (mostly the headband), they ended up destroyed. It turns out the plastic of the band got pretty fragile with time.


Now, the 1300 are still operational but in their current state, they are quite disgusting to be honest... I grated most of that stuff off but it just seems to keep coming out! Had to wrap the headband in something to prevent it from getting those residues from falling all over the place. The ear pads are the same, but those I can't wrap.


With the Void Pro I was very happy to see that the faux leather was mostly gone. Sadly, I just noticed that the section that secures the pads to the headset is starting to shed too, mostly inside the cup which isn't great since it tends to deposit inside my ears.


Now, I'm trying to prevent the destruction of more headphones in order to keep them clean so I'm looking for advice.


Do you have tips on how to keep the headband and earpads clean for the Void Pro?


Is there any way to get replacement parts for the 1300 and Void Pro?


Also, since I'm at it, are there instructions on how to fix the microphone from falling down? Its a big issue on the 1300 and its getting to be one with the Void Pro.


Thanks for any help!

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