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SLIPSTREAM Multipoint now available in iCUE 4.12 or newer!

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Hi everyone,


With much anticipation, we are happy to announce that SLIPSTREAM Multipoint connectivity is now enabled in iCUE 4.12 or newer, which can be downloaded HERE. Thank you all for being patient during our development process as we know this is a feature many of you have been waiting for.


For those of you that have not heard about the Multipoint connectivity that SLIPSTREAM offers, we have put together a comprehensive guide discussing the functionality and benefits of it. Our Blog post outlines the setup process so you can take advantage of the convenience when connecting multiple SLIPSTREAM devices to a single SLIPSTREAM wireless receiver.


In case you have additional questions, we’ve put together an FAQ below that can help explain more about SLIPSTREAM Multipoint.



1.) What does SLIPSTREAM Multipoint mean?

As we briefly mentioned at launch, our SLIPSTREAM compatible products allow users to connect their compatible CORSAIR wireless devices together through one SLIPSTREAM wireless receiver. Users can choose to do 2:1 support (keyboard + mouse using either a keyboard or mouse SLIPSTREAM wireless receiver) or 3:1 support (keyboard + mouse + headset using the headset’s SLIPSTREAM wireless receiver).


2.) What products are compatible with SLIPSTREAM Multipoint?

Keyboards: K57 RGB Wireless

Mice: Dark Core PRO RGB (SE), Ironclaw RGB Wireless, and Harpoon RGB Wireless

Headset: Virtuoso RGB / SE


It is not possible to pair two of the same types of devices together. It must be a combination of a keyboard + mouse, keyboard + headset, headset + mouse, or keyboard+mouse+headset. If you use a headset, you must use the headset’s SLIPSTREAM wireless receiver for either 2:1 or 3:1.


3.) What are the drawbacks to using SLIPSTREAM Multipoint?

For 2:1 support, polling rates supported will be no less than 1ms when using the multi-device pairing. For 3:1 support, polling rates will be slightly higher than 1ms but our testing internally has shown there is no noticeable effect for mice and keyboards even with the headset’s SLIPSTREAM wireless receiver driving all 3 simultaneously.


4.) What is required to enable SLIPSTREAM Pairing?

Users will need to connect each of their devices with a USB cable and then connect the SLIPSTREAM USB wireless receiver they want to use with the pairing. Our setup wizard built into the iCUE UI will help guide you through the process of updating to the latest firmware that supports SLIPSTREAM Multipoint and connecting your devices to a single SLIPSTREAM wireless receiver. If all your devices are on the latest Firmware release, the pairing process should only take about 1 min. We recommend always keeping your devices updated as good practice to ensure you experience the optimal behavior when using them.


5.) Is there anything I should prepare prior to flashing the devices?

Yes, for optimal performance, do not use any hubs to flash your device during this process. Use either the front USB ports on your case, or connect all of your devices to the rear USB ports on your motherboard. This will ensure a clean install of firmware without hubs interfering with the process. We also recommend closing any third-party software (ie. Gigabyte RGB Fusion, MSI Dragon Center, ASUS Armory Crate, etc.) prior to starting the setup wizard.


6.) Is it possible to undo SLIPSTREAM Multipoint support?

Yes, users can enable PlayStation mode in Device Settings on the iCUE homepage when selecting their headset’s SLIPSTREAM wireless receiver. Enabling this feature will put the headset’s SLIPSTREAM wireless receiver in a 1:1 pairing. Switching from 3:1 to 1:1 Firmware doesn’t change the performance of the device.


7.) What is PlayStation Mode, and what does it do?

Currently PlayStation Consolues such as PS4 and PS5 does not support Multipoint device connections like SLIPSTREAM. Enabling PlayStation Mode allows you to connect your compatible SLIPSTREAM devices such as headsets to the console, and still use them. Once enabled, your Mice and/or Keyboard will disconnect from the headset’s SLIPSTREAM wireless receiver, but are still able to be used via USB cable.




8.) Will all my SLIPSTREAM Multipoint devices reconnect if PlayStation Mode is disabled?

Yes, all your devices will automatically reconnect once you Select Multipoint in iCUE under device settings for the headset’s SLIPSTREAM wireless receiver.


9.) What should I do with the SLIPSTREAM wireless receiver(s) that I don't end up using?

You should keep them in a safe place in case you want to revert to 1:1 or you lose your active SLIPSTREAM wireless receiver.


10.) Can I pair all my devices to more than one SLIPSTREAM wireless receiver?

No. Only one SLIPSTREAM wireless receiver can ever be used with 2:1 or 3:1. This is because we pair the devices uniquely to the specific SLIPSTREAM wireless receiver you're using for multiple reasons like security and encryption purposes.


11.) I am ready. How do I start?

Download the software linked above, and then click on Settings. Then click on any SLIPSTREAM compatible device and press the button circled here. In order for you to start the process, you must have at least two different types of SLIPSTREAM-compatible device connected to iCUE.




12.) How do I recover my devices if the setup wizard is stuck at 75% and won’t progress?

If the setup process becomes stuck at 75%, you will need to close and exit iCUE, restart iCUE, Select “Connections” under your SLIPSTREAM wireless receiver, and re-pair your devices. If they do not pair, begin the setup wizard again.











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Posted (edited)

Setup Process



Select the Connections button your SLIPSTREAM Wireless Receiver





Select “Pair” at the bottom left dialog box





Ensure your devices and SLIPSTREAM Wireless Receiver are all connected directly to your motherboard and/or front USB ports.





For headsets, you will need to set them to USB mode. iCUE will begin the pairing process after you click next.








Congratulations, your devices are should now paired through a single SLIPSTREAM Wireless Receiver. You will be able to verify all the connected devices to your SLIPSTREAM Wireless Receiver on the connections tab for the wireless receiver, or on the iCUE Home screen.





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There has been a change after this update. Let me explain.

When using the old firmware (Virtuoso Dongle), when I turned off the headset (turning the switch to usb position) it would disappear directly from the audio devices section on Windows and the switching between audio devices (I have a soundbar connected to my Corsair St100) was automatic.


After this update, now when I turn my headset to the usb position, Corsair Virtuoso auido device is still active in the audio devices on windows and I have to go to the windows system tray and manually change the audio output. This is very bad. (Attention, I do not connect the headset to the usb cable. In the meantime, I leave the headset because I am not using it)
Hey, is there anything we can do? I don't want to connect any other device or something to the dongle. I just want to get the old feature. I have to downgrade this dongle.
Please help me.
Thank you

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