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ARMA Cancelled but amount withdraw on bank account


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My advanced RMA has been cancelled and the amount has been withdraw on my bank account.


I've asked many times updates to the support team, since it's 2 weeks without any form of communication.


So why Corsair is acting like robbing me ? And why Corsair doesn't want to refund me ? As i've ask many time without getting any answers.


Do i have to ask to my personnal lawyer to exerce my rights and post this story on socials medias ?


Proofs are attached to this post. Please, give answers to my asking and refund me.





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Thank you for your help Mordred,

The same day an escalation manager reach contact with me. It was faster then contacting the support. I'm awaiting the sended keyboard and the return label.


I will let it know when i will receive the keyboard, send my disfonctionnal one and get refunded.



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I've received the new keyboard but the return label wasn't in it. So i'm still waiting a return label, to send back the faulty one and be refunded..


Can you help Modred ?



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You will need to print the return labels that are provided in your ticket. We do not send physical return labels.


Corsair doesn't provided me any return label by mail. And i didn't get the right keyboard, the switch aren't the one i've asked.


Mail with escalation team, Eric member, attached. We agreed on MX Brown switches.


I don't know how the support can be so bad for so simple things..


So, give me a return label for

- the keyboard with the issue

- the wrong one you sent me


and refund my 140,62 euros.




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