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PLZ HELP!! Work with one stick but not two.


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I have just bought a match pair of twinx 256mb xms ram and whin i put in both windows wont load it hangs just after 'boot from cd' with a error cannot find windows system file. file might be missing or currupt c:/windows/system/etc. windows might be able to repair the file press r at the windows setup screen to repair.


somthing along those lines. so i tried that and when it starts to load setup it freezes at the 'loading kernel debugger dll' so i tried it with just one of the two sticks and it seem to work ine the first two boots it was asking for drivers for a docking station but after that it seem to settle down and work fine. I have tried to put the sticks in all the different combinations of the 3 ports i have for ram but that didnt work either.




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What brand and model of motherboard are you using? What other components are in your system?


Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-8S648FX

CPU - P4 2.4G

Video - Radeon 9250 256DDR

PCI internal moder

PCI 2 port USB card



I think think thta is all and thanx for the help too.

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No problem, and you can use http://www.memtest.org to test the modules if you still have problems.


Man thanx sooo much that worked straight away no stuff around, but i didnt have the option to change the voltage to 0.2v it only had 0.1v and normal so i left it on normal. what i dont get is the stick of ram that i had in before was 400Mhz and this is straight from the Gigabye website my board definately takes 400Mhz ram so why cant i run it at 400mhz and also what is the difference and would i be better running 1 x 256mb stick at 400mhz or 2 256mb sticks at 333mhz. thanks again for your help!!!




1. Socket 478 for Intel® new 0.13 micron-process Pentium® 4 processor




1. North-bridge: SiS648FX

2. South-bridge: SiS963 MuTIOL® Media I/O

3. REALTEK ALC650/655 codec chip


Front Side Bus


1. 800/533/400 MHz FSB




1. Type:DDR400/ DDR333/ DDR266

2. Max capacity: 3GB

3. DIMM slots:3


Internal I/O Connectors


1. 1394 pin header (support 3 ports via daughter card S1394, Optional)

2. 2 x USB 2.0/1.1 connectors (4 ports by cable)

3. S/P DIF output connector (by optional cable)

4. 2 x UDMA ATA 133/100/66 Bus Master IDE ports

5. 1 x FDD port

6. CD/AUX in


Expansion Slots


1. 1 x AGP 8x/4x slot

2. 5 x PCI slots (PCI 2.2 compliant)


Rear Panel I/O


1. 2 x USB 2.0/1.1 ports

2. 1 x LPT port

3. 2 x COM ports

4. 3 x Audio ports(Line-in /Line-out / Mic)

5. 1 x GAME/ Midi port

6. 2 x PS/2 ports(Keyboard/Mouse)


Form Factor


1. ATX

2. 29.5 x 20.9 cm


H/W Monitoring


1. System health status auto-detect and report by BIOS

2. Hardware detecting and reporting for case open, power-in voltage,CPU voltage, and fan speed




1. 2M bit flash ROM


Other Features



1. Suspend to RAM (STR)

2. Xpress Install Xpress Recovery

3. EasyTuneTM4

4. @BIOS

5. Q-FlashTM


Bundle Software


1. Norton Internet Security

1. Norton Anti-Virus™

2. Norton™ Personal Firewall

3. Norton™ Privacy Control

4. Norton™ Parental Control

5. Norton™ Spam Alert

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  • Corsair Employee
At the main bios screen I think you have to hit CNTRL + F1 and the SiS 648 chipset is rated at DDR333 so the system will probably run or over clock to DDR400 with just one module, but as you add modules you will need to relax the settings because of chipset loading, and I would set the Dim Voltage to as high as you can set it.
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