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Need Warranty Help


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I spent 2 days to catch up this problem.

Some application error messages started to be appeared about an week ago.

And the programs stopped very often, and I began to see horrible 'blue error error messages'. The messages were not same. Sometimes it said "check out hardware", and sometimes "lack of memory..and dumping". I doubted an worm or virus. But it even did not let me run vaccines. During the scanning process the system went off with blue screen.

I followed the error message, and changed the video card. The problem was not solved. Next, I changed motherboard, and tried formatting and reinstalling OS. Now it stops while the files were copying from the Windows CD. And GOD!. Finally it showed this message on the blue screen.


Was it RAM?

I've never expierenced any RAM problem before. But I didn't have many options. I tried a video card, motherboard, and even hard drive. Only CPU and RAM left. I bought new RAMs, and installed with hope.

Right! It was RAM.

Now everything is working well.

But interesting thing was... before I changed with new RAMs, I checked BIOS, and it showed RAM without problem. I also checked temperature.

Anyway this was my problem.

Even though it shows up in the BIOS, looks like it didn't work.


Pentium 4 3.4G LGA744

Intel D915PBL motherboard

ATI 700xpro PCI-EX

Maxtor HD 250G

Maxtor HD 120G

Antec true power 430W


RAM from corsair : DDR2 512X2 Value select (perchased on Nov. 2004)


Please let me get an warranty service.

Bought from the internet with manufacturer's warranty only.


Look forward to hearing from you soon.


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And please test the modules one at a time with http://www.memtest.org, after you have loaded the latest bios and please load setup/optimized defaults.



Yes, I tried a test. I downloaded a program there, and made a boot CD with it. I opened the computer again, and replaced the old rams.

Looked like it's doing something, but soon it showed a blue screen again. With these rams, I even couldn't do a test. Anyway, I replaced with the new rams, run the test program, and no error or problem for 5 cylecles.

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